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LISTS for flu in 2020

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1 hour ago, The WE2's said:


In a life changing event...never pitch the liquid from your canned foods.  It may have salt etc., but the liquid may be a life saver.


Not what I meant.  I meant I wouldn't need the water to soak and cook them later if I had already canned them.  Sometimes I don't communicate well.

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:sigh:  I didn't get to any store today.  Began this morning with little energy....  But later I went down to garage/basement to check on oils/Crisco.  :sassing: 


Didn't leave there until 5 hours later.  DH and I worked and worked and then got a delivery DH had ordered ....so we worked MORE.  I used to keep our inventory and the rotation.  Then....I really wasn't able to do that anymore.  MS fatigue worse.  RODENT INVASION MUCH WORSE!  DH began doing all the shopping without me and ......his organization and mine didn't meet.  We've known we've had a mess....beyond the "chaos camouflage" I use on purpose.  But how do you swim upstream?  :yar: 


Today we cleared out most of the OLD food supplies.  With our recent food poisoning incident, we were more ruthless than we'd have been otherwise......probably wiser.   Since my cat died last year and we've begun using poison, the rodent problem has drastically decreased.  :amen:  Not zero but not like it's always been.  So we cleared, cleaned, sanitized .....and put some of the newer food into the shelves.  We created a large tote with the Oldest-Acceptable canned goods.  We'll eat from there first.  :balloons:  An organized system we both understand!  :balloons:    We Have SO Needed This!  


Then two of the orders from Amazon Pantry came in.  :mad:   They packed a "thousand" pounds into ONE gigantic box" for the UPS guy to deal with.  I think we owe M a box of candy or something.  Half of the hydration mix cans were burst open and spilled alllllllll over.  DH's down coat is in the wash tonite....full of that sticky dry mix.  Cuz the "cans" are cardboard.  I took pics of the damage and spillage.  :angry:  Now DH is having trouble being able to contact them for replacement.  ANYONE DEALT WITH AMAZON PANTRY?  


This came just as I was going to wrap up ....FATIGUE.....and DH already had back spasms.  But...there was the boxes in the driveway.  HAD to deal with it.  :faint3:  FINALLY we climbed the stairs.  I took shower before my adrenaline totally gave out.  [I hate mices to pieces!!!]  SO glad I cut my hair shorter.  DH decided this would be a good time to test a sample of Sweet/Sour Pork...Mountain House.  But since we discovered so many cans of pineapple, we added a half can.  Good time to test.  I was so ravenous....it tasted GREAT!  In reality, not up to our homemade standards but....this is no-effort food for HARSH TIMES.  It will do quite nicely! 


I DID find out that we don't need oils.  They keep extraordinarily well in the always-cool basement corner.  And they are sealed from oxygen - glass bottles.  But so much was wasted thru the years.  Decided from this....off-brand foods in cans do NOT hold up to time.  I won't buy them anymore.  Good thing MOST of this was on sales and cheap.  Hate the waste but ....FOOD POISONING IS NOT FUN.  {NOTE TO SELF:  Buy more T.P.}  :rolleyes:


MtRider ....have the LIST...have the storage space......not sure I have the ENERGY yet...  :offtobed: 

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As far as the list...I'm a little OCD and I'm in the process of making a notebook for the new house. It's pretty detailed. In one section I have bills. I put the bill, the due date, the account number, bank account number, the web address, the password, and phone number. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to pay a bill over the phone and had to search and search for the account number and the phone number. 


Sorry your Amazon order was a mess. I've never ordered from their pantry.

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On 2/25/2020 at 11:32 PM, The WE2's said:


For emergency use under someone who is in bed sick with urinary or bowel problems.

About the pads, if a person is only having a slight leakage problem, the pads can absorb the...whatever, so they will save on having to wash sheets. I have waterproof bedding but if I have a dribble I'm not going to want to sleep in it. And I'm sure not going to want to get up and change the sheets if I'm sick. Hospitals use them all the time to save on laundry. Especially under new mothers.  

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Jeepers, I keep a little "book" with all the passwords, ID identifiers, and web site addys.  I write the passwords in pencil because I change them often. Hubby doesn't do any of that stuff so I want to keep things so he can access them if he needed to.  I have a "folder" on my jump drive with all the web sites for paying bills.  All I have to do is go there, make a click and there they are.  All I need is the ID's and passwords to get in.  Just sharing...

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We did the Walmart shopping tonite.  Store was pretty empty.  Good!  :)   But some of the shelves were too.  :(   The long term food storage shelves had about eight #10 cans left.....and we took 3 of them.  Didn't have the products we wanted.....the products that were no longer in stock where we first ordered.  Eggs and milk.  We have some.  Decided on more.  In the past, I milked goats and we've always had duck eggs....until now.  So we're a bit short on those products.  Hmmm...have to try elsewhere.  Been trying for a couple weeks now.


Got everything else we went after.  Have full "medicine cabinet" now.  OTC stuff for the next months.  Sleep aid.  Basic health/dental care.  More Coleman fuel for stove...JIC.  Finally got cotton clothesline for the pulley system.  One of us puts shopping bags on the hook.  The other pulls up the bag on the rope/pulley system.  Saves hundreds of steps.  Unloading car right at bottom of the rope...goes fast.  Will have to position things tomorrow but have sorted into bottom or top floor.  Most is sitting ON the floor. 


DH will do a minor grocery run tomorrow.  Not sure if I'll go.  I need to get more T shirts from thrift store....might have him drop me off to do that....IF I haven't DROPPED energy too badly.  It's been a terrible push to get this done and GO HOME!


MtRider  :shopping: 



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DH went to grocery.  He always comes home with more sweets than other things....but he did fill the LIST.  Stopped and bank to withdraw some...leave some for making payments over phone.  Trying to cover all bases.  Try not to leave too much in banks....credit union, actually. 


:imoksmiley:......this feels like a balancing act, doesn't it?


MtRider  ....done shopping for a while unless DH can scare up an order to egg/milk in #10 cans.

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