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The other day, we were remembering Michael, Amishway Homesteaders.


Friday, we got a note, via our “Contact Us” form, from Lori.  With her permission, here is her note:



I didn't know how to go about this...several years ago my husband and I had an account..we were known as The Amishway Homesteaders (Michael and Lori Newberg).

Unsure if anyone remembers us..however I wanted those that do remember us know that Michael passed away last July. Unfortunately, we had been divorced going on 7yrs...but since his death I've been reminiscing..and I typed Amishway Homesteaders into Google and your site came up with the many posts he wrote. I just wanted to thank you for bringing a smile to me today!!!




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Sorry she's experienced such sadness...both from divorce and from his death.  BUT...she's got a lot to share. Hopefully she'll return and get a big hug from all of us.  I too wondered what had happened to them.

I also have been wondering about Twilight.  Haven't seen any of her posts for ages.

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I have seen many posts from them as I compile recipes from Mrs S.....the update is appreciated, though sad.  Lori, if you come back we would welcome you with open arms!

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