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I need help please :)


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I wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in helping me pay for the monthly hosting fee for MrsSurvival. Annarchy paid for it for a while, and I've been paying for it for a while but it's getting difficult to afford the $45/month hosting fee.


So, I wanted to ask if anyone is able to help, feel free to contact me. I talked to Annarchy the other day and she said that she thought they offer monthly and bi-annual payments. If we were able to collect enough, I'd like to pay 6 months at a time, instead of the monthly overhead.


Anyway, I just wanted to ask. If anyone has any questions let me know.



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I emailed our hosting company and asked them if they have 6mos or yearly payments. This was their response:



Andy Millne (Invision Community)

Mar 3, 5:51 AM EST

Hello Darlene,

We don't have any 6 month or yearly payment plans but it is possible to add credit to your account if you do not wish to be billed monthly. Monthly renewal fees will then be taken from this account credit automatically when renewals fall due.

You can add account credit from the client area at https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/ under "My Details" > Account Credit.

I hope that helps but please let us know if we can be any further assistance.  

Kind Regards

Andy Millne




Darlene Kelley

Mar 2, 6:01 PM EST

We currently have our site hosted with you and wanted to know if, instead of monthly payments, you offer a 6 month or yearly payment option?



I find it interesting that they don't have at least yearly payment options. I've never hosted a site with a company that didn't.  Anyway, whatever we can put together, I'll put in the account credit area for our account.

Ya'll can either paypal it to me *Friends and Family* or mail it to me. Feel free to send me a PM and I'll give you the information.

Thanks for your help.

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I was just able to put $100 into our account balance because of a generous donation from a beloved member.



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Homey, I received your check and will put it into our account this week. 


Thank you so much for your help. They just took this months charge out on Friday so it was a huge blessing to have the money in our account to pay it. 

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Littlesister, I received your check also. I'll deposit into our account when I do Homey's.


Thank you so much ((((LS))))

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3 hours ago, Darlene said:

Littlesister, I received your check also. I'll deposit into our account when I do Homey's.


Thank you so much ((((LS))))

You are so welcome Darlene, I am sure everything you receive to keep the forum going will be a great help for you. Was glad I could help.

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I just wanted to give an update on our account balance. They took a payment out last week but with everyone's help, here is our current balance:



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I wanted to give everyone an update. We were down to $35 in our balance for the server fees for Mrs S. God always provides though, and 3 wonderful ladies sent some more money that added up to an additional $190 that I'll add to our "server fee purse". That'll bring up the total we have have in reserves for now to $225!!!


Thank you to Mountain Rider, Ambergris and to one other special lady whose ID here at MrsS I don't know. I just saw the donation added to my paypal account, so I apologize that I can't formally acknowledge you :)


Thanks to everyone for all their help. It really has made a huge difference!

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On 9/23/2020 at 11:22 PM, Jeepers said:

I sent some through PayPal with a note saying from Jeepers. If you didn't receive it please let me know!

Sheesh, I'm so sorry, I totally missed the note!


So yes, thank you and God bless you too Jeepers!


Here's our current balance in our server fee purse:



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Darlene,  Just saw this a bit ago.  Last time I sent you a check through the mail. I can send another one that way as well. I don't have paypal, so will do like I did last time.  Your address was still in my mail, so I still have the address.  I will get it out to you this weekend.

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