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I'm becoming more and more grateful that DH is [retired] chiro and a [retired] tax preparer.  In-house knowledge/skill is coming in handy during Shelter In Place.  He's much better at discerning some

https://thesavvycouple.com/stimulus-checks/   $1200 individuals making less than 75K AGI $2400 couples filing jointly making less than $150K AGI $500 per each individual child.   

Our stimulus check hit the bank on Sat. And they will not post it until Wed. Just like our tax return they are holding it to draw the interest on our money for them. So free money for them. We get no

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I got mine today. I'm going to cash it as I know our government is already bankrupt. I like the green backs more than an account balance these days.  :hapydancsmil:

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We are still waiting, but I don't want to do the "check it online".  Don't like the idea of entering a SS number.

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Hang in there Virginia. I've been hearing that the post office has been running very slowly since before Christmas. Personally, I wouldn't start to worry wonder until the end of the month. 

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I was researching specifically regarding taxes on the stimulus.  If a individual didn’t get the stimulus, there is a calculation credit on the 2020 tax form.  If you did get it, you can’t take the deduction.  I didn’t find anything where that money was taxed.


Probably running behind.  :(

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We got ours yesterday.  Earlier than I'd expected.  

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