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What Have You Done Today to Prepare? Spring 2020 Version

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I took a mask and hand sanitizer and ventured out to the stores yesterday. Got more vitamins C and D3. We are working on boosting our immune systems and are currently taking extra of both, and I realized my stock of it needs a boost. CVS is taking appropriate precautions and I feel relatively safe there. 


Also ventured to an IGA in a nearby town and bought some fresh meat. Most of the people, customers and employees, were wearing masks. I was pleasantly surprised that they have a senior discount. I'd never asked for it (didn't know about it). But the cashier gave it to me. I guess my age is showing!! But the 10% discount made me VERY HAPPY!


Also ventured to ALDI'S in a nearby city. I really appreciated the new safety measures. They had an employee outside, sanitizing carts and letting people enter only when someone left. For once it wasn't crowded!! I stocked up a bit more on easy to prep items. Due to my own recent challenges, I appreciate easy-to-use items like macaroni and cheese, or rice pilaf. Yes, more expensive than making from scratch. But so much easier when I am experiencing mobility challenges. They had good prices on spiral sliced ham, so I got another one. I'll find room for the leftovers in the freezer, somehow!!


I saw toilet paper actually in stock in the stores, so the crazed panic buying must be over. That one has really puzzled me. How many rolls does one NEED? One NEEDS food, shelter, water... NOT a thousand rolls of butt paper. We always have some in stock,  of course, but not cases and cases of it. We use about 4 packs of mega rolls per year, so I buy a pack when we use one up. I cannot fathom how much people use that they feel they NEED so much. Perhaps city folks use a lot more, not having to take care of a septic system... Dunno.

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The gas station was out of milk (I was trying to get some through the drive through rather than going through a store).


Went into Market Street.  No line to get in.


1 person counting and 1 person wiping down carts.


I didn't look at toilet paper, but the tissue section was pretty well wiped.  Hubby was able to find a few boxes out in some of the smaller towns as he was running around for work, which is a good thing since allergy season is just now starting.


Some employees wearing masks.  Maybe 1 in 10 shoppers were wearing masks.


Only the store brand regular eggs - none of my hippy organic free-range ones.


They had everything in stock that I was looking for, including plenty of milk.  


I noted in passing that the butter section was mostly wiped as well.  


Frozen veggies have been almost fully restocked.  I bought the last 3 cheddar bacon cauliflower mash because the kids go through that stuff like crazy.  Didn't look for meat, as we still have plenty.

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DH and I never made it for that drive through the country yesterday. Very cold and wet. The damp would go right through you. So didn't want to take DH out in that.  

Today we just hung around the house. Not doing much. Some cleaning. Seems I clean everyday. Need to tackle my office.  Got some puzzles out to put together. Needed to pull out a couple of new ones. 

Went to Harris Teeter to pick up RX's for DH and now they have put a 30 day only limit on them. We can no longer get a 90 day supply as they are having to ration the medications now.  This is not a good sign of things to come. 

Walked through the store as it was not very busy. Some people wearing mask and some not but everyone kept their distance.  Picked up a few items to fill in a couple of gaps and came home.  Still all paper goods wiped out and now a lot of the washing detergents and dish detergents are getting low. Can goods were stocked better this time and they had more meat that usual.  


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