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Hello. Long time since I have here.

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I know short isn’t my style. I tend to get wordy but right now I am injured and have to hunt and peck to type while holding the phone with the same hand. The situation we find ourselves in made me think of all of you and wonder how everyone is doing in all this. I was already “social distancing “ because I am not allowed to drive and as I am out of time I make it to doctors appointments. Maybe they will let me drive after my surgery on the 30th. I fell and shattered my elbow and now wear an external fixative. It is not fun. It also limits a lot of what I can do as I can not use my left arm at all. My family has as much chaos with those grandkids as it ever had. In fact one of the grandkids caused my broken arm. He was arguing with someone and I tried to stop it and got shoved and down I went. But I and my family are doing okay. About a year ago I even added a great grandson to my family. Enough for now. Just checking in. Will probably read more than respond right now because typing just isn’t. Easy and won’t be for a while. I developed wrist palsy so really can’t use my left hand at all right now. I am looking at a lot of therapy in my future. Take care and everyone stay healthy.  

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:wave:  Hi Deb2of9!!!  It has been a long time.  Sorry to hear of your current situation...OW!  Family....so much drama sometimes, huh? 


Well we're all prepping or already settled in for whatever COVID causes.  Hope you and yours are ok.


MtRider  :offtobed:   ....I said that before but will this time.....  :rolleyes:  

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So sorry to hear about your injury.  :pray: going out for you to get better and that your surgery will be a success.  That makes me feel like my grandson was lucky as he broke his right elbow riding his bike.  He fell off.  They only put him in a sling and told him not to use it anymore than possible.  Yours sounds so serious and I think you need the prayers more than he does. So praying for successful surgery and that the therapy afterwards goes well.  That you will regain all your strength in that hand again. 

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Hope you are able to get the treatment you need. Welcome back and stay well. 💜

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