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What we forget to prep for

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I admit I am not as prepared as I would like to be, but all of the three things I have prepped for are unfolding. I have done my preps for 1. Personal disaster such as illness, accident, job loss or other things that affect my personal family needs. This is something that I have personally had to use my preps for in the past. I have loss jobs. I have been off work for both illness ( hospitalized for high blood pressure which had me off work for 6 weeks), injuries and carpal tunnel surgery that made me unable to work, job loss and even helping family when something like this happened to them. Next two things was pandemic ( what can I say. It is the nurse and student of history in me. ) and financial collapse. My finances aren’t where I would like, nor is my food/supplies storage as good as I would want. Due to having to dip into them and limited income it is only a few months where I easily had a year before. I am okay though, just not where I would like to be. I feel like I am a just starting out Prepper instead of one who has been on board for years. 

There is one thing I failed to prep for though. That is not being able to do basic things. I have an external fixative on my left arm. It keeps my elbow bent at all times. Even bathing is an issue although only washing my hair is impossible on my own. Fixing anything to eat is the biggest obstacle. I can not open a jar or can and it is difficult to open even a pack of crackers. Tried to make some bagals and couldn’t spread the cream cheese. Can’t wash dishes. Can’t lift and am limited to only what I can carry with one hand. Even opening the microwave is a challenge because you have to open then pick up what is going in it. Carrying hot food is harder with only one hand. All of this is okay right now because my daughter is here to help me. But what if I needed to make a fire to cook. What if this was a bug out situation. The main thing is how prepared are you to handle it if an  injury derails your ability to do for yourself? Took me till a week ago to find a can opener that I can open a can with, but honestly one of the biggest obstacles is being unable to reach out. I even cut my hair short for the first time in 40 years because I couldn’t take care of it. Figure out before something happens what you would do if you lose use of an arm or are unable to move like you normally can. For some this is normal life and already have made adjustments. For the rest of us we need to at least consider what would you do if you are not at full potential. 

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We've been discussing this over the past few months, Deb.  Most of us are right there.  I had a series of car wrecks (really, wrecks) and falls, and tore up my spine and shoulder, and got some good concussion damage.  Now I'm having seizures too, so I can't drive.  Sometimes I can't walk as far as the mailbox.  Ten years ago, I could walk home from work--seven miles at the time--with a satchel and a backpack.  Now is now, though, and now is what we have to work with.

It's like a theft, isn't it?  You never prep for things to be stolen from you.  And then your abilities are ... stolen.

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Oh do I hear you! 

Once upon a time we had a one year supply of food essentials. But we hit hard times and had to live off them - they got very depleted. We have been through some hard times with illnesses, job loss, etc. So when life got better, we started socking away foods and preps again, and trying to save money back too.


That’s why I had flu preps, paper products, and quite a bit of food stored when when this hit. I do not have a one year supply of everything we need. But I have enough stored away that hopefully we’ll be fine, whatever life throws at us next.


As to prepping with a disability, I have arthritis and DH uses a walker. We got a portable ramp for getting into the house, as stairs are impossible for DH now. We had a tall toilet installed. We have added grab bars in the bathroom. I switched to smaller storage containers which are easier for me to work with. But there are limits. Our house would not be livable if DH were in a wheelchair. If it ever comes to that we will have to sell and try to buy a place with wide hallway, wide doors, etc. Or, knock this down and re-build, if we had the money.

DH could not live independently alone right now. When I left to go shopping he looked at me and said “be careful, I can’t live without you,” No amount of prepping could allow him to live independently without me - he would have to live with one of the kids.

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This pandemic caught me unawares. I was taking my time moving to a new state so I was eating down my pantry so I didn't have to move it all. While it isn't exactly bare, it is lower than it has ever been. Ever. I have been able to rebuild it a little but not nearly enough. 


I ordered more canning jars and a canner because all of my canning stuff is in Indiana and I'm in Ohio. I was taking a Jeep load over a little at a time when I went over to visit. Will I even be able to find enough food to can? 


I bought a house in Indiana hoping to sell the Ohio house and get moved by election time. I think the only thing I did right was to buy a house with no steps inside. Anyone want to buy a big two story + basement house in Ohio. Needs LOTS of repairs. Mean neighbors on one side and three kids on the other side. No? I didn't think so. Now I have two houses to feed and clothe. Procrastination is biting me in the butt. 


Back, knees and neck are shot with arthritis but I can still get around. I can manage with Advil and a heating pad.


As long at the electricity stays on and my Social Security check remains depositing, I think I can make it. And I stay healthy and there is still food to can and, and, and.


Worse case scenario is son DIL, g'son and I all move in together in indiana. I love them dearly but...:0327:

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Jeepers it's always a trap shoot when you've got more than one property.  We have three.  The Roost is in the middle of a remodel (my mother passed and we stopped abruptly because we had bought the homestead from her) and it was now ours...and you know the drill of remodeling the bathroom :-(  The one we're in we'll be selling "as is" so we pray it holds together long enough for a flipper to buy it.  The Roost will be a rental property.  The income will help tremendously.  It's near a military base so there's always someone looking for a place to rent off base and the military "shirts" are pretty strict on them paying their rent and keeping the property kept up.

The biggest thing I learned...NOT ENOUGH PAPER TOWELS!  We've decided to use cloth towels as long as we have water to wash them.  Then it will be the paper.  I use personal cloths for #1 and we use the paper for #2. I drug out a bag full of hand towels that I bought last summer at a yard sale...about a dozen of them.  Glad I did!  I have tons of the terry cloth towels that we bought in the automotive dept. at WM several years ago.  They look terrible but they are clean.  I have always used them like hand towels.  We also have a supply of microfiber's that I use a lot.  Again, they look like ...well...but they're clean!


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We2 I know how crazy it is. I'm pretty sure I'll sell this one 'as is' too. And probably to a flipper. I'll be lucky to get back what we paid for it but it will be worth it in the long run to just get rid of it and get on with my life. 


I'm thinking about a portable bidet for the Indy house. I thought you had to have electricity for them. But only if you want hot water, heated seat and gadgets. I'm fine with cold water, at least in the summer. Then use a cloth to dry off. That way I can save the paper for #2.


I have some dish cloths I use just for canning. They look filthy but they are very clean. Just food stained. I use hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen. I go through 1-2 rolls of paper towels a year, so I have plenty stored up. 

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So....bidet stuff.  Most Asian countries use a 'bum gun' in the bathroom which is basically a kitchen faucet type sprayer hose on the wall next to the toilet.  Filipinos use a Tabo which is basically a bucket with a dipper next to the toilet where you can pour water down to clean the area needed.  It can also be used to distribute water to clean floors, etc.  You don't have to get super fancy to avoid TP.  We did go fancy, but it was actually a birthday present for DH after he was so jealous of Japanese plumbing after working there so many times.  


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16 hours ago, euphrasyne said:

kitchen faucet type sprayer hose on the wall next to the toilet


Yep...that's what hubby bought the parts for.  He'll hook it up here and then we'll do another one at the homestead's bathroom.

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