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First fruits and double portions +

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I have been noticing something lately...


Thankfully, I have been preparing for this virus long before it hit the national stage. He would lay a burden on my heart to go and prep in "this area" and I would go and prep. Within days, those preps were wiped out, no where to be found. Over and over again this happened with so many things and it got to the point where I couldn't deny it was all Him. Consequently, the Lord has blessed me with preps short and long term.


As the days have unfolded, as He has crossed my path with people I know intimately and others I only know in passing, however, He has burden my heart to share from what He has given me.


I have shared with others in obedience to Him.  It has been poignant and deeply moving at times, and has probably touched my heart in ways that will last forever. What I have noticed, however, is that when I give, I find shortly thereafter, an opportunity to replenish many of these items. When I give, He keeps blessing me with far more than what I have given.


I gave the UPS driver a container of 85 disinfectant wipes. The Lord then gave me 1,860 in return. Without going into all the details, on another item, I gave 110 and I have an order in for 500, which is virtually impossible to find. If it is His will, then the order will arrive. If it is not, He has still blessed me with an abundance. On Friday, I gave away 2 gallons, and I just saw this morning, I can get 30+ gallons of something nobody can find.


This morning, a scripture came to mind..."Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding". My understanding could have very well been to keep my provisions for myself and my family and perhaps a few close friends. Instead, I have had a glimpse into the miracle of the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish through the experience of the above, and I find myself in awe of Him.

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Saturday, I found a box of painting masks in my workshop, the kind with the exhalation ports.  It was an embarrassment of riches. Yesterday, the beau dropped by and mentioned that my kids' grandparents had been refusing to go to medical appointments for lack of masks.

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Darlene,  I have felt just like that. When I help others, God does replenish what we need in many ways.  I have sent packages to granddaughter 3000 miles away and also have helped out with stocking the food pantry at Church to make sure those in need will have food. though our Church is closed and last month we didn't have our food ministry pickup, we still was able to meet the needs of those we could contact.  Right now I am getting ready to take some TP and yeast for bread to one of the Church members that rely on our food pantry.. 

I never thought about the UPS man but then I have not seen him in awhile. He comes through the neighborhood but he does not stop.  I would be happy to share some wipes with him. Our mailman has some on his truck. 

Our preps that God has blessed us with is not for us to hoard but to use also to help those in need.  God will provide when we put our trust in him. 

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I have tipped drive thru clerks with wrapped sterile masks - I had extras.  They are shocked, but grateful.  Just got the urge out of the blue - 

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