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I was nosing around on Amazon looking for new canning books. I saw one I hadn't seen before. Looked nice with a good table of contents. I was almost ready to buy it but decided to check into it a little more closely before hitting that "buy" button. I was looking at the Kindle edition.


Picture #1 is the book I almost bought. Kindle price $12.00. Book price $895.90!  Yikes.

Picture #2 is the book it really is. Which I already have. Kindle price $0.99. Book price $7.95


So, book #1 is really book #2 with a different cover?  If you click on book #1 on the amazon site, the first page (or maybe the second page) that pops up is a picture of the book #2.


Both books authored by the USD of A.


I'm really angry with someone but I'm not sure who. I was almost taken for $12.00. Not earthshattering but still...not nice.


Book #1.jpg

Book #2.jpg



Sorry about the picture size. I did size them down before posting. There really are two different pictures there. Sigh


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I collect cookbooks.  The covers change all the time with new reprintings.  Always go by the name and the author.  If you are looking for a specific edition, you can go by edition and publication date.  


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That "book" is FREE online by Dept of Agriculture!






The free, 196-page publication can be downloaded from the National Center for Home Food Preservation website(link is external). The publication is also available in a spiral, bound book format from Purdue University. Single copies are available for $18 per copy, bulk discounted prices are available. Orders can be placed via phone (toll-free: 1-888-398-4636), fax (765-496-1540) or online at  Purdue’s The Education Store(link is external).


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