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Hey MtRider!


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So, I read a recent post of yours where you mentioned a basement??  Did y'all move?  I don't remember you ever mentioning a basement in the little mountain cabin.


Hope y'all are well. Been so long since I was here...


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:hug3:   Hiya Vic!   Nope.....couple decades and we're still here.  Tiny cabin built into the steep hillside.  Underneath is the garage/basement.  Exterior stairs....not great in winter or thunderstorms!  Big garage door leaks heat.   Never get a car in there cuz carbon monoxide  would leak upstairs.  It's only semi heated as a "basement".  I've used the terms interchangeably.  Furnace.  Laundry.  Water pump/pressure tank.  And rodents...drat them!  Not so many now that we use poison.  Cat has passed so we use it now.  She retired years before she died.  Just sat and watched the mice...like kitty TV.  :buttercup:  Still here with big pond/stream.  Rehomed my horses and ducks tho last fall.  Too hard to do winter with them...tho I can feel I NEED to ride!  Last goat died a year ago.  Only XXL dog now.  DH is retired but worked couple days at a restaurant - likes the tips.  Until the state shut down everything last month.  :shrug:  We're ok tho.  Got plenty to fall back on...in that nice cool basement/garage.  Locked safely into buckets tho.  Drat the mice!


How are you and yours?  Where are you now....you've moved from the place you had the 'submarine' tornado shelter.  Do you still rescue Ridgebacks?  And your kiddos.....not kiddos any more, I'd figure. 


MtRider  :hi: 

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We've moved 2x since I was very active here. Once to get out of the metromess, and once to buy a small acreage place for cash and get out from under a high mortgage/high tax place with an expensive pool.


Now we own 5ac with a small horse a great shop and several outbuildings, ten miles from the nearest town.  We have a greenbroke tenant mare, that assures our ag exemption, and basically pays most of our property taxes for the year.  It's a win-win situation.


The Monkeys are still at home, 18, almost 17, almost 16.  DH is still a phone guy, though he is eligible to retire now if he wants.  He had a TIA last july that gave us a scare, but he's recovered. Financially though it was a bit of a hit. Or rather, the chopper ride was!


If you don't have Air Med insurance yet, get some!  It's cheap and covers the family at your house, AND the chopper ride.  FYI, a 116mi chopper ride here, runs over $63,000, before insurance. 






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13 hours ago, Vic303 said:

AND the chopper ride.  FYI, a 116mi chopper ride here, runs over $63,000, before insurance. 


:o  :faint3:  Yanno, the medical chopper lands just down at the corner from our cabin.  We've seen it many times...day or night.  The local fire dept brings their vehicles to light up the place after dark.  Quite a show.....and they transport the person by vehicle to this location.  An actual flat area with no utility wires.  


Had never thot of the cost.....if one of us had that urgent NEED.  Wow.....  :(  Only about 30 miles to nearest hospital tho...?$?$?   .....thanks for tip.  Thinking about this.


Wow, what a cool place.  Far different than your In Town place.  Do the kids like being rural?  Sheeeesh, it HAS been a long time if they're that old now. 


MtRider  :thumbs: 

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MtRider, we use air med care network, $85/yr for the chopper insurance.  It's less if you get three yrs at a time (save like $15 total).  Plus they give you a small Amazon gift card. At least they did last year when we signed up.

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