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Well, Mick and Keith are so devastated that I'm not going to get to see them this year they have devised a little plan. Just for me. 


They called in a few of our closest friends and they have all agreed to do a little show just for me. I talked them into televising it for the rest of y'all. Of course, they agreed with me.


Everyone is going to do a little bit of their own thing from their own home while in isolation. 


It's called, "Jeepers! One World, Together At Home" or something like that. I might have one word wrong in that title. 


So, for a good time and to take your mind off of things for a couple of hours and get a glimpse of how the other half lives, let's party for a few. It's tomorrow night 4/18/2020  at 8:00 pm EST. Broadcast just about everywhere.


There will be all kinds of music genre not just the Stones. But who cares about those. Oops, strike that. 


Sorry to brag and make it all about ME but...you know. It kinda is. 


Grab a cold whatever, your favorite snack and dance, dance, dance like no one is watching!  Because, well, they arent. 


I could possibly have a couple of the details wrong but that the way I remember it.  :pout:



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Posted (edited)

Jeepers -

What platform was this "broadcast" on? Facebook Live, YouTube , etc...........................

Has it been archived for future viewing pleasure? If so, a link would be very helpful. :D

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Posted (edited)

I'll see if I can find the whole 2 hour link. It was so good. It was broadcast on all the local TV stations, facebook, Instagram etc. but I just watched it on regular TV. It was a telethon but without the asking for money. Everyone did a great job. The second hour was the best IMO.


John Legend did a couple and was very good. Paul McCartney (my first celebrity teen crush) actually made me cry. He sounded sort of old and weak singing Lady Madonna. It was good of course, but diffdrent. Sigh. Keith Urban did a trio with himself and the magic of TV. Then finally with Celine Dion, Andrea Boccelli (sp) and a couple of others I didnt know, was awesome. 


I do have one little link I saved that I can post to get you through though. I had to click the link a couple of times to get it to play. Poor Mick was backed into a corner, Keith was in his own little world, Ronnie actually thought he was at a live concert, and Charlie played his invisible drums. It was GREAT. 




Added Paul McCartney's link:  




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