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Wish we had an Amish store around here. Not to mention Leman's. We don't have any good stores around here like that.  


I think it is great they are making all those mask for the hospitals.  Guess we all need to pitch in and try to do our part in this mess if we are able. 

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WE2 I heard about making mask from socks but did not see anything on how to do it.  

When I went to church this morning, I took one lady 4 of the N95 mask for her and her DH and gave a box to the nurse that works for one of the hospitals. One of our church members have been making them. So I just gave her a box of the N95. She was really happy to get all of those mask. DH said to give her another box next Sunday. I still have 11 boxes of 10 in each box. I am going to be making some as soon as my supplies come in. I can work on them on rainy days and in the evenings as well. l

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