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Covid Toes

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:gaah:   If my dad hears of this.....he will be SO SURE he's got COVID!   THAT'S WHY HIS TOE NAIL FELL OFF!  That's why the doc had him back X3 this week.  My mom will be ready for the looney bin herself! 


In actuality, that might be why the doc had him come back....wanting to see how it looked.  But he's just got all that toe thing cuz his legs were so swollen.  That's normal when he doesn't keep his legs up and he doesn't pay attention to the swelling.  The only place he's been out in weeks and weeks has been P.O. once and then the doctor's office. 


Is anyone else thinking this virus is just tooooo weird?  Too many symptoms they cannot even explain.  Loss of taste/smell.  Weird toes.  Rashes.  Sometimes stomach and/or intestinal.  


MtRider  :scratchhead: 

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Oh dear, don't let your DD hear about this. I don't think it would effect just one nail. Especially with no other discolorarion. 


Yes, I do think this virus is strange. And new things keep popping up with it. I'm sure my son had it. He and g-son were in the ER about 2 months ago for being unable to breath. It was scary for them. It was during the Coronavirus but before it got big. I'm not sure if I had it or not. I had a bad virus that lasted about 3 weeks. It was only in the stomach with bad chills. :shrug:

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It transfers by aerosol, by fomite, and by crossing species barriers.  It has sneezing, lungs, digestive issues, and now these toes along with vascular lesions on the hands, feet and buttocks of patients who are very sick and even gangrene (dead tissue caused by an infection or lack of blood flow) in patients with severe symptoms and underlying conditions.

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