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Happy Hollisters free on Kindle

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Saw this on a homeschool site; I don't do ebooks nor Kindle, but thought someone here might be interested:




The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort (#9)   free on Kindle

I think Kappy brought up reading the Happy Hollisters.    

I don't know how long this is free for, either.


edited to add:

And there's more of The Happy Hollisters series for free on Kindle.  

You have to scroll down past the first few paperbacks to see the free Kindle ones.



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Yes, the Happy Hollisters were a family that solved mysteries similar to Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.  Good reading for tween-agers and all my brothers & sisters enjoyed them as much as I did and our ages ranged from 8 to 17 years old.

They would be good read aloud in a family setting too....for homeschoolers or maybe story time instead of game night?   We loved being read aloud to.....in fact the local educational radio station used to run a program called "a chapter a day" and they would read best sellers over the air.  It was popular with many adults who could listen as they worked.    

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I got this free ebook and read it one night I was having trouble sleeping.  Something mildly interesting but not so exciting that it aggravates me or wakes me up. 


MtRider   ......I read all the Trixie Beldon mystery books.  :reading: 

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