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Are you prepared for a food/meat shortage???

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Homesteader, more babies have been killed through abortions than WWI and WW2 plus the Vietnam war as well.  God very much hates this and we are going to keep paying the price till this country repents. That repentance needs to start with our president coming out and having our country come back to what we were founded on. Biblical truth. We have removed God from our schools, our courtrooms, our country, and our government. I know Donald Trump is trying to bring us back to that, but he also needs to have a country wide prayer time of forgiveness and repentance for the sins of our country. And that means stopping the abortions and so much more that I won't get into here. Then and only then will God start to heal our land.

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They were supposed to be delivered to me.  UPS made an error.

You mean the news folks finally noticed & reported it?  Meat rationing of some meats going on here for over a month.  Now that the guv has "opened up" the state the local food groceries no longer

I remember when Darlene moved to her farm in Georgia. She had canning jars by the pallet load. She wasn't going anywhere without her jars.   

1 hour ago, out_of_the_ordinary said:

I agree that we need to get back to what our country was founded on, Little Sister.   I don't think it is so much Trump, but We The People.   My family prays for a Great Awakening.  


Just better hope the New Madrid fault doesn't have a big one like last time... ;)

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