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I have a friend who used to be VP of the biggest pork producing company here in the States. About 2 weeks ago, he had texted me that some plants were starting to close down (pork, beef and chicken). Shortly after that, we all saw the news reports that talked about this. I asked him then, if I should stock up on more meat. He told me, "you'll probably have a week or 2".


Today, he called me and said he had a list of 6 meat production plants that will be closing shortly (beef, pork and chicken). It hasn't hit the news yet, but he told me to call my parents to make sure they top off their freezers. One of the plants is the pork plant in NC that is the biggest in the world. They have 5000 employees and 25% didn't show up for work today. He said that they are trying to ramp up production for when the news hits but the concern becomes food safety.


I asked him how long the meat in storage would last for the whole country...1 week?  He said no where near that long...meats operate on just in time delivery, and we're close to running out of time.


I wanted to share with everyone here what he said so that you can think about topping off your freezers too if you need.

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