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Christmas and bday gifts post Covid19

Guest Joyfilled

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Guest Joyfilled

Have you thought of gifts/celebrations post Covid19? I think we will have a very different world than what we're used to. I'm all for new traditions, but also keeping old ones...so what are you doing to prepare?


I bought material to make quilts for each of my kids....and even one for myself! And I just saw the idea of using fleece for pajamas....we normally get matching pajamas on Christmas Eve, but that may be an issue moving forward. The fleece idea is great!! I'm not a great seamstress, but will work on it!


I also bought supplies to decorate birthday cakes....I need to buy more sprinkles. We don't use them often, but once in a while! 


Thanksgiving....the plan is to get turkeys so we can have the meat. Will have to see how the rest of the meal works out. 


I believe celebrations are important....and traditions.... would like to keep them in place post Covid19.


Any thoughts, ideas? :bdaycake:

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Wow, sounds like you have a plan, Joyfilled.


Our celebration traditions have depleted, over the years.  Everyone lives so far away, it isn’t practical any more.  Cards are our normal now.  :rolleyes:

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When I changed the way I eat a couple of years ago, it changed all good celebration. Much more simple and natural now. I think that will work out now. 

All family is away and dh and I barely do gifts now. Will probably make dome banana bread for neighbors and Church family. 

So, shouldn't change much at all. 

Will look forward to hearing your ideas!

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  • 5 months later...

So far we have most of our Christmas gifts bought and most of Thanksgiving food bought. Ham for Christmas. Now with cooler weather, I hope to do more sewing done. 


I think it's going to be a hard winter. We're in the middle of KS, and it's already freezing here. May God help us.

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We used to do Thanksgiving at my house. But at that time I was working and DH was disabled and still is but more so now.  So the past few years we have had Thanksgiving at my daughter's house. I have some things the kids want me to make because they say mom doesn't do it right. Go figure. That's grandkids for you. And though they are all grown now, I still have to make those dishes for them. One has already requested her dish.  Sweet potato casserole. The one in Washington state and the one in CA. will not be down for Thanksgiving this year. Not sure about grandson in the Army yet. 

Christmas was so hard on DH and myself that my daughter is now taken over and having Christmas at her house this year. All we have to do is show up. SIL will help get DH into the house for me. 5 steps to go up.   We are just doing gift cards and money this year. My daughter and I have decided that it would be to hard with DH and the Corona virus to take a whole day to shop.  That was one of our traditions each year.  We would leave at 6 AM to go have breakfast and by then the stores would be open. We took the whole day just stopping for a break and a cup of coffee. We wouldn't get home before 10 pm. But that will change this year.  We already knew things for the holidays would be different for us this year with DH's health and now this corona virus. So already have it planned out. 


Hope everyone else doesn't have to change their plans like we have.  I will miss those days. Though we did go through some big changes back in 1999 when DH's brother passed away and DH had a heart attack and my sister pasted away as well.  We used to have over 25 people over for both Christmas and Thanksgiving.  That was also when the grandkids were very young. Now they are all grown and 2 married and one getting married. So the family is growing again but slowly so far. No great grandkids yet. And one has been married almost 6 years now. Still waiting for a great grandchild. But her DH is in military. So they are not quite ready for a child yet. But have talked about it. 

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I'm planning on staying home for Thanksgiving. 


I'm not sure what I'll do for Christmas this year. I suppose it will all depend on the virus, the world situation and the weather. Last year Santa came to grandsons house. That was the highlight of all of our year. This year I doubt if he comes inside the house because of Covid. So, I'm liable to just stay home. It's really all the same to me. I don't like all the hoopla anyway. Social Anxiety. 


I give son and DIL money and shop Amazon for the little one and have it sent to sons house and DIL wraps it. Easy peasy on me. 

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We are doing just at home and I'm cooking as usual.  My family lives 1200+ miles away and DH is mostly estranged from his family so it is just the angst ridden phone calls and cooking too much food.  I said that I was skipping the big turkey this year for Thanksgiving and I've already got a turkey breast in the freezer to pull out.  I usually make a big bird so we can do leftovers, but I'm tired of finding ways to use up the meat, so a small breast it is this year.  Christmas we are ordering online which is usual for us since the girls are older and want mostly electronics and specific clothing.  DD23 will get a gift card as usual.  I have several hams in the freezer and plenty of ingredients in the pantry so all I need to do is find some stocking stuffers.  An amazon order and a visit to Dollar Tree should fix most of that.  We can pick up apples & oranges at either Kroger or Aldi closer to time since I usually stuff a few of those into stockings.  


It is an adjustment to scaling down the holidays.  When I was growing up we had giant gatherings with 5 generations and 30+ people.  As I got older, the number dropped to around 20, and then to under 10 when I got married and moved up here.  We are currently just doing us and the still at home kids so it is harder to scale back on the amount of cooking since all my recipes feed an army.  

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Odds are, if we go anywhere for Thanksgiving, it'll either be Abilene (2 hours away) to visit some of hubby's relatives or Llano to visit my parents.  For some reason, I doubt we'll go anywhere.  


This is the time of year I start going barmy - last year, I was able to run away for basically an entire week over Thanksgiving down to the beach by myself and stay in a condo, and that helped tremendously.  This year, that definitely isn't going to happen.  I will have the second weekend in November to myself, so might try to figure out something on a smaller scale that doesn't cost much...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanksgiving....last year was a lot of fun. 5 guests plus the 10 of us (including grandparents). We made it work and really enjoyed our time together! This year we won't invite anyone because of Covid....so just the 10 of us. Christmas will be the same. I have most of the food that we need for Thanksgiving (thanks for my parents help), and a ham for Christmas. All the gifts are bought, so here's hoping. 


But....no matter what happens, we can always celebrate, right? We can find something to be thankful for and celebrate that the King of kings came....for us. Turkey or no, gifts or no, there's always something to celebrate.  🥰

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