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Christmas cake

Guest umair

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Guest umair

Christmas cake 

It was the very first cake that I baked many years ago, and I believe no cake recipe can beat my Christmas cake

If you are looking for a special and easy cake recipe, then you should read the following instructions. In the end, you will get the best moist and yummy cake, that’s my promise. 


To make a moist Christmas cake, you need the following ingredients. 

  • Whole almond 50 gram 
  • Zest of lemon 1tsp
  • Ground almond 50 gram
  • Mixed spice 1tsp
  • Crystallized ginger 25 gram
  • Baking powder ½ tsp
  • Plain flour 130 gram
  • Beaten eggs 4
  • Sugar 125 gram
  • Butter 125 gram
  • Whisky 125 ml plus extra for feeding
  • Mixed peel 100 gram
  • Dried figs 100 gram
  • Sultanas 250 gram
  • Currants 250 gram
  • Glace cherries 100 gram
  • Salt one pinch


Follow the given steps to make Christmas cake:

  1. Take a bowl and add dried fruit and peel along whisky. Leave them for overnight. Take 20cm cake, two tin and Greece them well. 
  2. Preheat your oven at 140 F. take a bowl and add butter and sugar and mix them well. Now add eggs one by one and mix them well. 
  3. Now add flour, baking soda, spice, ground almond and a pinch of salt after mixing add them in sugar and butter mixture. Now add dried fruits that you soaked in whisky and all the remaining ingredients in the bowl and mix them well. 
  4. Now add this mixture into the preheated tin and try to make a smooth surface. 
  5. Add this cake in the oven for an hour. At the end get the cake out of the oven and add a toothpick in the centre of the cake. It should come clear. 
  6. Let the cake to cool and during this time make some additional hole in the cake to add the whisky. 
  7. Your cake is ready to eat but if you want to store the cake then wrap them in a well Greece paper and then you can keep it in the fridge for more than two weeks. 


For more recipes visit the siteAvrecipe


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