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What's it called, what do I need, what to avoid.


Sigh. I think I know what I want but I don't know what to look for. I need Best Buy to open already. So here goes... 


I need a charger. Not for batteries per se but for devices. For computer, Kindles and a future phone. Something that plugs in the wall and gets charged up, then I unplug it, stick it in my purse and if my phone/Kindle dies, while I'm out and about, I can plug it into the thingy for a quick charge. 


What is it called. Battery charger, battery bank, battery pack? I have a unit that stays plugged in all the time and I charge everything from there but I want a portable one that will hold a charge when it's not plugged in that will charge up one of my other devices. 


Also what amperage/wattage or however they are measured. Or do they even come in different sizes? 


Yes, I really do have to ask this. :o


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Before DH retired last year, he bought us all a Halo Bolt from QVC. It's pricey, but we have got our money's worth many times over. We got ours on sale for $80. I know that's a big investment, but we have jumped our cars several times, run fans during power outages (also CPap, charged phones, laptops, Kindles and many others I can't recall. I only charge my box maybe twice a year. They are small (about 7 inches X 11/2 inches) and easily fit in your purse or glove box. 

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Thanks ladies.  :grouphug:


I looked up Halo Bolt on Amazon and they had quite a few to choose from. I'll do some reading and pick from there. They are called all sorts of things. I'm just going to call it a power pack. 


:sSig_thankyou: Trudy! 



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I have a Halo Bolt...love it. I was going to say it’s called a portable charger...but you kind of said it in your post...I wasn’t sure if you meant something else...:scratchhead:

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This power station is smaller than a man's fists together.  The panel charges it in way less than 7 hours in my sunlight in June, and the charge is supposed to last for three months in the box.  We'll see.  The charge runs my breathing machine all night with the humidifier on, and then some.  I just got it yesterday, so we are still testing the capacities of it.  Both items come with a variety of tips to match various items around the house.


You can order a case made for it, which is $30, which has absolutely no outside markings at all.  I got it, and am feeling foolish because that's thirty dollars for a box when I could get a plastic one for $5.  But it fits everything (including the APAP 24v to 24v adapter cord I added) and zips shut and has great ratings for durability.  And it's a done deal, so I should stop fidgeting and look in the other direction.  


Panel and case together fit into the zip up bag my new seat cushion came in.

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Dang Ambergris, what size purse do you think I carry.  :008Laughing:

Actually, I do have something like that...somewhere. I was thinking a little more portable. I did like that Suaoki charger though. 


I wasn't too sure what I meant either Dogmom. Portable charger sounds good. :D

Halo Bolt it will be. 

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I ordered two of the Halo Bolt power packs or what ever they are called. They are the small ones. I'm only thinking about charging Kindle and phone for a quick charge when I forget to put it on the electric charger. They were on sale for $17.99 save $7.00. So I ordered two. I might have to get a charger yet for the charger, if I don't have one that fits. 


I also ordered some doo rags :24:. Six for $30.00. Sweat wicking. I'm thinking about hot canning, gardening and painting days ahead. Or lounging by my pool that I don't have and don't see in my near future. Oh cabana boy, one more sweet tea poolside please. Don't forget the bon bons and...lotion. Y'all are invited! 

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Are you talking about a solar charger?  I have 4 of them. They are great. I can charge the charger by plugging it in or use the solar power. I use it a lot for my phone and kindle. Works great and if I don't have a way to charge it by plugging it in, I can just put it in sun to recharge.  also I can plug it into the car cig. lighter or the other plugs if your car has those. 

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I like getting back to nature and doing things the old fashioned way, but DH is super serious about his electric.  He has this solar charger from Amazon, it isn't in stock now but there are several similar; we paid about $45 for ours a year ago.




He takes it with him on ship checks when he travels domestically and overseas, and on any family car trip that will last more than an hour.  He has had it for a year now and absolutely loves it.  It has 3 USBs and will charge anything that can charge via USB, it also charges wirelessly by placing the item  on top.    You can charge it at home via the plug or it charges great solar (he uses the solar a LOT on work trips.)  For size reference, it is the size of 1 phone wide/tall and 2 phones deep.  It weighs about the same a a bottle of water in my purse.  


We also have about 10 that look like the ones below.  The white one is 5K mAh and the blue one is 10K.  They cost about $5 to $15 depending on sale and will recharge my phone about 2x on the white and 4x + on the blue.  They will charge anything that can connect via USB, but i wouldn't use them on anything much bigger than my phone.



We also have an emergency car thing that looks kinda like this:



We got it about 10 years ago for around $50 and when we had to take the kids down south, it ran a laptop and a tablet for 12 hours before it reached 0 power.  We are looking at replacing it with something newer with solar eventually.  


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We have something similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Portable-RAVPower-20000mAh-External-Nintendo/dp/B0829V9V7C/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=jackery+powerbar&qid=1594316927&sr=8-2


It'll recharge my 15" MacBook Pro about 75% if it's off.  No idea how many times it'll recharge a phone, because I've never used it for that.  I bought it before I went to a conference last year just to make absolutely sure my computer wouldn't die when I needed it (I used it to take all my notes!).

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Thank you ladies. I'm going to check out the solar ones next. I like the looks of that RAV Power one too.


I bought two of the HALO Bolt ones. So far I haven't had to use them but I'm keeping them charged. I see they are $25.00 each now. I paid $17.00 each on June 15th.




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