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Not a Wheelchair

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I saw this & had to share.  Not a bad idea, especially if a person is wheelchair bound.  

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My eyes are big and .......THAT LOOKS REALLY GREAT! 


Don't see a seatbelt....might be a good addition.  I LOVE the quiet of using electric bike technology.  Woooohoo!


MtRider ..... Thanks, Annarchy  :thumbs: 

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I want one.  DH would love it. He can run around neighborhood on that and be the envy of our neighbor behind us that made an electric whatever it was using a whiskey barrel for the seat.  He also made something else using a cooler for the seat. He put wheels on the cooler and had it on some sort of frame. Then he made one using a surfboard. That one was so funny.  He is always running around on something he has built. I think the above would be much more practical. Since he still can't walk around the block yet, that might not be a wheelchair, but would be more fun. 

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Papaw had no legs--one above the knee and one below the knee.  He used to run around on a 4 wheeler.  He even went hunting on it.  

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