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Are you really ready????

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I was scrolling through the discussion forums and this one hit me between the eyes. Most of you know our battle over the past few years. Hubby becoming disable aka loss of income. Yeah he is getting a monthly check but it about half of his original salary. I took a cut in pay to go to work at the local hospital just so we would have benefits. My job at the church paid $5 more an hour but no benefits and if we had bought into Obamacare it would have cost us $1200 a month for crappy coverage. Then last year both of us diagnosed with cancer, me- complete hysterectomy and him having his prostate removed. Now five years later a doctor finally realizes hubby was born with his C2 and C3 fused together and his C4 has a HUGE bone spur. Seriously it is almost as big as the C4 itself so he is facing yet another surgery on August 6.


I say all of that to say...Are you really ready? That would be a big fat NO


This pandemic which just happens to fall in an election year has literally caught us with our pants down. Now they are pushing for cryptcurrency so we will be a cashless society. The vaccine is being pushed harder now than ever and yes they are trying to pass the no vaccine no work. Am I ready to toe the line and fall in with the sheeple? We are on the downhill slide to what happens in the book 1984. So am I really ready...again that is a big gat NO.


So what do we do? Back to the drawing board on a five year plan. I honestly don't think we will survive much longer than that but it is a starting point. It is my personal opinion that this could very well be our last free election. I am just now sure if we will have an extra couple years to get our "stuff" together or not. Either way for the next 9 months I am going into overdrive on getting stuff together and bills paid off. I have to get our pantry stocked more than it is and I need to plan out some solar meals and campfire meals and I need to start raising the temp in the house so that I can get used no ac. Growing up we didn't have ac and when I get married and started working nights we had a window unit so it would drown out the daytime noise and I could sleep. Boy have I gotten spoiled.


Well for one I am looking for a plot of land. I said I would never own another house because hubby just can not do the needed upkeep and it would fall to me and I am working as many hours as possible and my off time is spent doing meals, laundry, shopping, and cleaning. When would I work in the yardwork and house maintenance? But I need the security of having a roof over my head. so I am looking into an acre of land and buying two cabin barns and putting them together and making one big cabin. I hope to have it off the grid.Derksen_ZMetal_LBC_preview-1024x681.jpeg 

I figured I could handle an acre if I fence it in and buy a goat or two. I could put the goats out further away from the cabin and then put the garden and chickens closer to the cabin. I would also do much of the landscaping around the cabin for dry desert conditions so there would really be no grass to cut. Will have to invest in guineas as an early warning system. Just got to find land that I can put a well on and it will need to be a deep one so that I will have water during the dry season.


Then comes the home defense, how am I going to protect all of my hard work? We don't the rioting and craziness that some of you do. I am in the middle of cattle country so unless the neighborhood bull decides to cross the fence line things are pretty calm around here. But that does not mean that things will stay this way. I figured when the handbasket is full it will swing through here and dump a load before moving on. So I am trying to prep for that. 


There is just so much to consider when planning for the end of the world. LOL I have read the end of the book and I know what happens and who wins I just don't know how long I will be here and I refuse to become a sheeple. I will not toe the line and I will not give in and let the government put hubby in some facility because he is not a productive citizen. He mind is as sharp as ever just his body is wearing out. I know what will happen if he goes into a facility and I won't let that happen. 


Man my head is already spinning. All I can say is come now Lord, please come now.


So here is my worse case scenario I am planning for....


1. The vaccine is required to work and buy stuff in person. I am not sure how that will work if I shop online.

2. No vaccine no work, how will I keep a roof over our heads.

3. Hubby is disable will Medicare require him to get the vaccine?

4. Election disaster...what happens if this is our last election and we become a socialist society within the next year

5. Cryptocurrency, how will I be paid if I am still working? Will this allow them to track my purchases? Will I still be able to get a reloaded credit card to shop on line with?

6. Stocking the pantry with as many staples as possible and providing well rounded meals to avoid food fatigue

7. House and land 

      7a. off the grid house

      7b.  gardening and animals to survive and ways to feed and care for said animals and garden.

      7c. upkeep of said homestead.


So what is in your 5 year plan?

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, mommato3boys said:

3. Hubby is disable will Medicare require him to get the vaccine?


Hmm.....  hadn't thot of that one...yet. 


MtRider  ....good luck to you, Mommato3.  You're thinking!

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I'm three and a half years ahead of you, and I have fallen flat on my face more than once in that time.  If things work out with the new housemate, we are in a lot better position than before, because she is able bodied and high-energy  She just doesn't know anything about planting, or ... anything.  Visiting the range is high on the list.  

The propane tank is slap full.

The upgraded chicken pen should be delivered on Monday.  Hopefully, it can be put together by the end of the month.  The chickens should be settled in that as their night home by the time they start laying this fall.

The new fence is scheduled to go up in two to three months, starting with the new gate, which is right now sitting in the barn.  Around the same time, I will be able to get all the azaleas removed.  At that point, I will be able to do livestock.

I have been talking to the man about a solar cell and battery to power my well alone for the last few weeks, but he doesn't get why I don't want an inter-tie system for the whole house  a $30,000 mortgage to go with it.  Maybe when he comes and sees I live in an older double wide trailer that will not hold up a roof-ful of solar panels for thirty years, he will understand.   

A running well, a solid fence, and a full propane tank will take me a long way.

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I don't feel like I'm ready for anything. I was on an upward swing there for awhile and then got sick and just stopped. I'm better now but still in first gear. More like neutral. 


I thought I was going to move sooner than I am so I started eating my pantry down so I didn't have to move all the heavy jars. So now my pantry looks.'Mother Hubbard-ish'. That is not a good look. 


There are more failures too numerous to mention. 


About the only thing I accomplished is getting a house over in Indiana. It's nice for me. Smaller, with one floor living. It needs some repairs but my son or I can handle most of it. We work well together with me being mostly the gopher. 


The new house has one acre. In the whole scheme of things, one acre is pretty big. It's a square acre so it seems bigger than a long acre which is what I have in Ohio. It's a corner lot so I have plenty of privacy from neighbors. It's in a country subdivision with about 15 houses. That suits me because I don't want to be in the boonies all alone. I plan to be nice and make them my tribe. That won't come natural for me because I'm sort of a loner. Oh wait, I can be nice. The social part will be hard. 


The inside is mostly cosmetic, no major repairs, but needs to be done regardless. it needs all new appliances which will cost money that I don't have right now. They all work but I don't know for how long. The outside needs a total tear out on the landscaping in front, back and sides. Will probably hire that done. It would take son and I two years just to tear it up. Son is close to fifty so he is no spring chicken either. Plus him working and a four year old. 


My five year plan is to MOVE! Then get rid of the Ohio house.


I have a well but need an alternative way to get the water out if the grid goes down. I'd like a solar generator of some sort. Even if it's just to pump water. I have a septic system. As long as I have water to flush with it should be fine. It was just pumped out. I need a fence for some of the property. Mostly for g-son and if I get a dog. I'd like a small above ground pool within a couple of years. A little for enjoyment and a lot for water storage, ie flushing toilets and bathing. A screened in porch would be nice. So would a family room with a wood burning stove but $$$$$.


I need to get my pantry built back up. I need to can lots of soups and one jar meals etc. I'd like to have a freezer. It will have to live in the garage though. 


I need to get some fruit and berries growing. I can't do it from Ohio because I need to be in Indiana to water them. Son loves too far away to water them everyday. I wouldn't ask him to a after working every day anyway. 


I need to get my dental and eyes up to date...again. I keep backsliding on that. I really don't want dental work done during this covid mess though. My doctor just retired so getting a new one in Indiana will be important. I can still use one of the doctors in the same office here until I get moved. 


Ambergris, you are way ahead of me. At least you are home. 

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Posted (edited)

Not at all.   My health isn't what I need it to be and I'm not feeling well so I push myself to get the bare minimum done.  Push beyond that and there is more of the health issues.     We also will not comply with a vaccine, either, so there's that.  Anyone else read about the Bill Gates/digital certificate/mark of the beast stuff?     :behindsofa:


DH is working from home.  I like that he's here, especially with all the crap going on.   Hooray for not having that very long commute.  Especially when the "protesters" are above the law.....march illegally out on to restricted access highways, block traffic for hours, do whatever.  :(    


Our house is very small so the kitchen table is now DH's desk.  Supper is at the coffee table.  I can handle that.  It's the lack of space for anything,  even for setting up the dehydrator.    Canning is definately out.    We need more room.   Still worth it for the safety factor of DH working from home.  


Moving was the plan.  The nice plan for several years.   Saved for it.   We knew DH needed to switch employers first (I refused to buy another house/get another mortagage with his current company's firing policy and now it is even more unstable).    Recent job offer and most other employment opportunites have dried up thanks to the shutdown  overreach of gov't.    In addition,  there's not much left to buy in our price range anyways now...and what is isn't a better situation that we have here.   :sigh:      Absolutely a seller's market.   Everything is moving super fast.  People in the cities want OUT of the cities.   Everyone else wants to be more rural.  


I so much want and need to move!   I'm trying to look at the positives, like hey, we can continue to save up $ (depending on DH still being able to work), but with the way things are going economically, will that $ be worthless anyway?  The vaccine thing is very distrubing.   Pennsylvania governor said that the (unconstitutional)  mask mandate is in effect until the vaccine is out.   Will my family need to leave PA (pre-American Revolution roots!)  if the vaccine is mandated by the state to a non-mandatory vaccine state?     



:pray:  for everyone

:pray: for God's guidance, help,  protection, blessing and favor

:pray: for a Great Awakening

:pray:  for our country....for our Republic









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