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Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your herbs grow?

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So I have a small herb container garden, the sage and Rosemary are thriving. However, due to the heat the parsley and basil are kind of stunted. For once my cilantro gave up the ghost. Usually I have cilantro until the first freeze or later depending on if I forget to cover it or not. I am going to have to replant the cilantro, we use A LOT of cilantro. My lettuce is also stunted, which makes me sad. I was hoping for fresh garden salads by now.


I am hoping with a grow light I can keep the herbs growing inside this winter. I have gotten used to cooking with fresh herbs and am enjoying the different taste fresh herbs give.


I really want to expand my herbs so I am dedicating a corner of the living around the big window just for plants.


What herbs do you grow?



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I enjoy my herb garden. Home grown definitely taste much better.  Heat & frost killed my basil, except the plant I brought in the house.  It hangs in front of the north facing window, in our kitchen and is thriving.  The Mexican oregano did not like being in the house, but the 2 other plants in the garden seem to be doing well.


Heat shriveled up the celery, killed off all the camomile and is trying to wipe out the peppermint.  I want to save the mint, if it will grow inside.  The celery & camomile will come back next year, as they have for the past 7 years.  I have to transplant the volunteers each year.  Expecting the heat to kill the plants, always has me harvesting them around the end of their prime growing season, dehydrating, grinding them up & storing them in canning jars.  

I sun dry them in metal bowls or on aluminum foil.  Done in a couple of hours, around here.


Thyme, Greek oregano, Chinese garlic and sage are doing well.  My herb garden has a pine tree on one side and a Chaste tree on the other side, which provide natural shade.

The rest of my garden is dormant, due to the heat.  If the plants survive, they might produce later this year.  Tomatoes, tomatillos, onion, garlic, beets, zucchini & butternut squash.  

.....and, I think Aloe Vera does count, Miki.  You can drink it, use it in lotions and potions, great skin conditioner for sun burn.  Ours are over growing the designated areas, except for the plants with very little shade...they are barely surviving, with most of the leaves yellow from sun burn.  



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The rosemary is doing great, as is the lemon grass.  The parsley and marjoram were doing pretty well, but we ate them all.  The marjoram was a welcome volunteer, so it might come back on its own again.  DS1 adjusted the sprinkler to hit that area regularly.  Garlic chives isn't as happy here as it was in the other yard, but we're working on it.  Can''t figure out why there aren't any wild onions here.  I am trying to remember to dig some up so I can bring them home next time I see them.  Ginger and turmeric are doing fine.  Something ate my galangal, and the coriander once again failed to make it through the winter, so I guess I can stop thinking about those.  The clary is doing beautifully in this yard, while it never would take in the old yard, so I need to learn how to use it.  Betony, plantain, and geiger weed grow everywhere here, so I need to learn more about those.  I've been focusing on bidens alba, sida, and this thing I forget the name of with all the thorns and the thick root that someone was lecturing me about a couple of weeks ago--of these three, only sida is really welcome in my yard, and guess which one I have the least of?

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We did eat some homegrown lamb's quarters....before they all dried up crispy in the Great Dehydrator called Colorado Summer.  Didn't even get as far as herbs in the greenhouse.  It's definitely an experimental year.  Have one spindly, neglected aloe in the house.  Use for minor burns and....I might want to give it more attention.  :buttercup: 


MtRider  :sigh: 

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