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Kroger Coin Shortage

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Kroger is to stop giving coins in change due to a coin shortage because of covid. The coin amount will be applied to in-store credit. Sorry I can't copy/paste the article from the Kindle. 


Is this trying to get us used to a cashless society? When I got my hair cut this week I could only pay with a credit card or debit card. She opened the drawer and showed me an empty till. She did take my cash for a tip though. :rolleyes:


When I went to Indiana last week there were flashing signs all along the toll road asking people to use only Easy Pass or a credit card. 


For the last two months Dairy Queen has only accepted credit cards. They don't even take the card from you. They hold a credit card reader out of their window and you put it in and take it out. 


Amazon wants your virtual money too. Now if you pay with your Discover card They will give you credit as a cash back bonus and they will take your 'cash back' money in your Discover account, that you have accrued, as payment for goods. I'm not sure just how that works. I just got the email notice from Amazon today.




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:scratchhead:   Tell me how this could happen "naturally" .....and not contrived, somehow?


MtRider  .......doesn't ANYone listen when I say I don't like CHANGES!  :grinning-smiley-044:

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Amazon also gives you cash back if you have an Amazon CC.   Basically you get bonus $ every time you use it and when you go to make a purchase, it says 'apply amazon credit' or something like that with an amount on the payment screen.  It is definitely worth it if you order a lot of stuff.  

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8 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

:scratchhead:   Tell me how this could happen "naturally" .....and not contrived, somehow?


MtRider  .......doesn't ANYone listen when I say I don't like CHANGES!  :grinning-smiley-044:

Well, I know I was still getting $20s and $50s from the ATM, spending them and getting change back, but instead of spending change, I normally save it up and take it into the bank at some point.  Last week was the first time I could take it into the bank since this whole mess started.

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Posted (edited)

Our ATM only gives $50.00 bills now. McDonald's doesn't appreciate a $50.00 bill for a $2.00 sweet tea. 


I get a lot of change. I emptied my coin purse into G-sons bank last week. I'll bet there was close to 12-15 dollars. Then this week I went somewhere (can't remember where) and the bill was something like $7.01. Since I had just emptied my change out, I didn't even have a penny. They let it slide. The penny, not the $7.00. 


Places just don't want to take cash any more. I think it's a shortage of coins because people weren't out shopping with cash due to quarantine. It just wasn't circulating. At least that's what 'they' say. Also, I don't think a lot of cashiers want to handle other people's money. It might be cootie-fied. 



I meant the ATM gives 50's for any amount 50.00 or over. Then they only give 20's. If you want $70.00 it gives a 50 and a 20. They have never given a 5 or a 10. You have to get in multiples of 20 except for 70 or 90.  So you can't get $30.00. You can get $20.00 or $40.00 but not $30.00. Bet that's why they started giving 50s. So you could get $70.00 or $90.00. Wish I'd never started this conversation with myself. Who really cares at this point. I lost interest in myself about 20 minutes ago. I don't even remember what I'm talking about or why.  :misc-smiley-231:



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1 hour ago, TheCG said:

Walmart self-checkouts are all card only now.  Have to go to the register to use cash.


or get cash back.  None at self check outs.


Kroger took out their change machine for cashing it in.

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I'm beginning to see why DH prefers shopping on-line. 


I do not DO self-check out.  I'd make a mistake and all the doors would slam shut and the sirens would go off and.....  :sassing:  


MtRider does not push too many buttons!  :grinning-smiley-044:

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We do self check out  and are getting quite fast at it.  But I hate the cashless thing....I want my purchases ANONYMOUS and that does not work with plastic.  Money might be filthy but that is what hand sanitizer is for.  That is one reason I liked the self check out; there was no third party noticing what I was buying.  It is not any faster...the lines are just as long at the self check outs as at the old style ones.  And the latest wrinkle around here is what I call the hoarding control....the check out machine stops if you buy more than 12 items, and a clerk has to come over to restart it.  Probably setting up that in advance, so they can make sure you are not 'hoarding'.  (apparently we are all supposed to shop daily or something in the new order....) Next thing you know we will have to cut and wrap my own meat...oh wait....we do that anyway.....by choice, though, not because it was foisted upon us.  Apparently service is not something anybody provides any more without a pricey "upgrade"....otherwise, just struggle alone with the other deplorables.  I use to have smile lines....now I have scowl wrinkles.  I wanna be a hermit, by gum (on bad days I want to upgrade to a ranting, nekkid hermit with flowers in my hair....and a 30-30 close at hand to run off interlopers)  Not a purty picture.  I think it is time to go re-read "brave new world" and "1984" to improve my mind set.  

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