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N95 or KN95 Masks

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I think I missed this thread.  I'll have to look at that youtube


Under the topic of Interesting History......this is a look at 3M's N95 masks.  How this year 2020 changed some things for this minuscule percentage of their production lines.  




==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=sample quote ==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

January, after getting the call from infectious disease researcher Osterholm and consulting with other experts, 3M immediately committed to doubling its production of masks to 60 million a month. By mid-April, it would commit to quadrupling it.

3M could promise that sort of dramatic ramp-up because it had, in recent years, taken steps to prepare for a sudden pandemic-driven surge in N95 demand. It was an effort undertaken after the SARS outbreak of 2003. That outbreak was tiny compared to Covid-19, killing less than 800 people worldwide and infecting only eight in the U.S, but public fear of a wider outbreak drove a spike in N95 demand. That’s when 3M started paying attention.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-end quote =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [BOLD is mine] =-=-=-=-=-


I like that they were thinking ahead...but likely couldn't imagine this 2020's calamities.


MtRider  :ph34r:

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The KN 95 mask are made in china. Not sure I would trust anything coming from there.  i do want to get some more N95 mask. The ones I have are old but work fine. Though if this pandemic last for a couple of years i will need to buy some more of those. I do have several of the cloth mask and also the ones with the pocket I can put a filter in. I really like those.  You wash the mask but replace the filter each time. 

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