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So glad that me nor my daughter has to deal with this school mess. All grandchildren have graduated high school. The youngest graduated a year before the Corona virus hit. Had he not graduated a year early, he would have been in the mist of this mess and having to do the on line learning. That worked out well for them. He was able to skip the  11th grade because of all the college classes he took.

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DIL said G'sons pre school would start this fall. He is already registered. I don't see how they will manage that with 3-4-5 year olds.


I feel really bad for the owner. Two years ago the school sold and closed down. One of the parents rented a building and hired teachers. He made it known that he is not a rich guy and he used all of his savings and second mortgaged his house to make it happen. He just wants a good education for kids. The last year he has been paying on the building and utilities etc. with no students. I just hope his 'real' job is keeping him afloat. It makes me sad for him. I'm sure there are so many more people in his shoes too. 

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