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Explosion in Beirut

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Chemicals stored in port warehouse for years to blame for deadly explosion, Lebanese officials say

The latest:

Nearly 80 people dead, 4,000 injured

Highly explosive materials were stored at port, says minister.

Blast felt as far away as Cyprus, more than 160 kilometres away.

Lebanon's Red Cross chief calls it "a huge catastrophe."

Former Montrealer confirmed among the dead.

Lebanese president recommends two-week state of emergency for Beirut.

Israel says it played no role in explosion, ready to help Lebanon.



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Over 135 dead now. 

80-85% of the city's stored wheat was destroyed. 

At least 200,000 were made homeless.  300,000 by some reports.

It flattened most of the business district and much of the port.

The country was already in a financial crisis.

And there's Covid to make things worse.

And corruption.


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Accident?........gross negligence?......sabotage?.........will they ever know?


MtRider  ...  Not that it matters to most of the hundreds of thousands of people affected.  :pray:

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Wait....you said: Wheat?    Grain elevators explode with little provocation sometimes.  Did it start there?


MtRider   :shrug: 

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Started either in a Chinese fireworks place or in a local fireworks place, spread from one to the other, and from one of them to a warehouse where ammonium nitrate had been stored for several years from a derelict Russian ship.  The port had been trying to get rid of the AN for all that time, but the courts had not been giving permission to hold the auction -- sounds like someone wanted to sell it privately or was siphoning off some of it and selling it privately.

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