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Is this REALLY hot packing?

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Is this guy doing this correctly? I usually cook my meats before jarring them up, and sometimes I have to refrigerate it before getting a chance to process it. BUT, when I do, I reheat the meat (in the liquid I will be using) AND heat the jars in gently boiling water in the canner before I do.


This guy packs cold cooked meat into his jars and adds liquid to it before sealing them up and processing them. Can that really be called "hot packing," and is it safe to do it that way? (He defines "hot packing" as preserving already cooked meats v processing uncooked foods in the jars.)



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Canning it cold even though it is cooked is to me not hot packing. I can't say if it is safe to do that way but could cause jars to break.  I always raw pack my chicken and beef. the Turkey breast I canned was raw packed and I added a hot broth to it. The chicken makes it's own broth if you raw pack it.  I do add broth to the beef also. I don't think I would pack cold meat into jars. 

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That is not hot packing.  You can cold pack meat, but it requires a different process time than hot pack.  By putting cooked meat in a cold pack he is basically losing all the benefits of hot packing and doing extra work for no gain.  

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