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In the last 3 days I've canned 27 quarts of applesauce.  On the next to the last batch to go in the WBC the bottoms broke off 2 of the  jars. :gaah:  By the time I cleaned up the mess I decided to just freeze the last 4 quarts.  I have another apple tree but nah, that's enough. :grinning-smiley-044:


I found a bag of lids I bought at Pamida 8 years ago.  No idea if they'd work so I tried 1 on one of the jars.   I found another bag of old lids, no idea how old, and tried one of them.  Then  I  had one of the reusable plastic lids with a loose rubber seal.  Had it for years too but never tried it.  All 3 sealed perfectly.  Now I'm anxious to see if any or all will stayed sealed.


Anyone else used old lids?

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I need to make applesauce if the church that sells them every year is going to do it again this year.  I want to get a bushel to make applesauce with.. DH finds it easier to take his meds with applesauce with his swallowing issues. I have a lot of the store bought but it's nothing like homemade.

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15 hours ago, kathy003 said:

I just started using old lids this year with the shortage going on. I was prepared for it to not work, so I was very pleasantly surprised that each one sealed!


I use them on the dogfood I can and otherwise save them "just in case".

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I have saved my used lids as I use them for the dry things I put in jars with oxygen absorbers. But never tried to reuse them in canning.  Might have to give that a try. Though I have bought more tattler lids. I am working on a large supply of them but having to buy a few at a time. They are high priced but saves in the long run.


Miki, I wasn't able to go to a single yard sale or anything this year with DH's illness. Was hoping to find jars at some of them.

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