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I receive David Wilkerson's daily devotional blog.  [Obviously his organization has carried on past his death.]  Today's message was very good....for any of us who have been treated wrongly.  In huge or tiny ways.  For any of us who are offended by laws, pronouncements, decrees that go counter to what we believe to be right and true.  For any of us actually surprised to find a ridiculous amount of emotion lingering, when reminded of an incident that happened long, long ago.  For any of us who NEED to get out from under the burden of carrying a grudge. 


For many reasons... especially in these contentious times ...read again the words of Jesus.  And the explanation from D. Wilkerson.  A good friend and counselor once described this in a very similar way....and it has made my burdens in life much lighter.  I would encourage anyone to dump off any heavy load of angry resentment toward someone who Really Has done you wrong.  Perhaps repeatedly.  Hear my testimony and hear Jesus:  The burden of carrying a grudge is not worth it.  We're suppose to be free of that.  .....we're required to be free, actually.


Even if there is every reason in the world to never, EVER trust a certain person again...well, don't!  Of course not!  But remain safe without carrying the angry resentment  [or even hate?].  Be wise but also free yourself.  Choose to let go of your end of that heavy rope that ties you to that other person. 


Almost no one who has carried an end of that heavy rope, can drop it and leave it alone immediately.  We have to drop it repeatedly, with great persistence....and with Jesus.  Our part is to be willing to DROP IT every single time we notice that we've taken that burden up again.  And yes, dropping it immediately is a challenge initially.  But...that gets easier.  Almost routine.  You notice you're feeling the anger and think,  "What?  That old thing again?"  And you lay it down in front of Jesus and say, " No.  This is yours, Jesus.  Not mine any more". 


For strong and well-aged resentment/anger ...and especially towards someone that most definitely did you wrong in terrible ways....that takes a while.  A lot of conscious and unconscious times of picking up the fury and savoring it again for a while.  Reworking the situation; maybe thinking of the "if only" or the "how dare they".  Sometimes that's all the satisfaction we've ever had in that situation.  When the offending person has never and will never even acknowledge their violation against you. 


This works even if you never have communication with that person...even if that person has died.  Does. Not. Matter.  Because this is just simply between you and Jesus.  You're just dropping your end of that heavy rope that still binds you to that person.  The other end of the rope is their responsibility.  Not your business.  Jesus has that and He is dealing with their violation of you.


Definition of 'forgiveness'  ...it is not letting another 'off the hook'.  It is not saying the violation didn't matter or didn't happen.  It is not diminishing it's affect on us.  It does not diminish the benefit the other gained thru this violation.  All that would be ridiculous lies.  Obviously, Jesus isn't going to require us to lie.  It is really letting go of our 'right' to maintain fury, resentment, etc against that person.  Jesus IS dealing with their violation already.  Yes, that last sentence is repeated.


How do you drop it?  How do you begin to forgive and be free on your end?  Any way you want to say it to Jesus.  He's the witness to your words.   Example:  


"I choose to forgive this person for this violation against me.  I know that I have paid a price [ tiny or HUGE] for what they did but I choose to forgive because.....well, YOU forgave me and paid a price.  Help me to leave this issue of anger/resentment/fill-in-the-blank  with You, trusting that You will deal with that one at the other end of this rope.  Forgive me for times that I am the other end of someone's rope. "


Doesn't matter what honest words you say.  Sometimes the conversation can get long as you explain in detail to Jesus just HOW and HOW MUCH you're forgiving of that other person.  Jesus is going to listen with great intensity, compassion, and love for you.  He's going to listen to your side...even though He has already seen what happened.  He will certainly listen to how some of the incidents in our lives were so extremely hurtful/damaging.  He will be listening with full attention as to how perhaps no one else has ever heard your side.  He weeps for us, you know.  And He saves our tears as precious.  Eventually, He's going to ask you to hand your end of the rope over into His hands so that you walk away lighter. 


He's not going to be impatient when we find that stupid "rope" of anger/resentment back in our hands/soul/emotions again.  It happens.  The important part is to not delay once we've realized, "Oops, this isn't mine any longer.  I have forgiven and am forgiving that person....again!".  No, do not savor it any longer once you've realized that.  He'll be right there waiting for us to, once again, give it back over to Him.  And He will be proud that we do this....for as many times as it takes...until we are free. 


My friend estimated that with Jesus' help and our cooperation, we can be free of even very deep violations within a month.  That's if we are persistent in handing the burden back to Jesus each time it resurfaces.  But once this process has begun, Jesus will patiently point out other areas of unforgiveness that need to be dealt with.  Some of them are laughable.  "What?  I'm still holding a bit of resentment for that incident?  I barely remembered that!"  That usually doesn't take long to clear out. 


Sometimes you might have one that is just too hard.  So try this on lessor offenses first.  Jesus will prove faithful and you can work up to the deeper issues.  He will HEAR you like no one else has and that is an amazing feeling.  It gives us the power to say truly:  I forgive that person of even THAT! 


Ummm..... once you experience this freedom, it's hard not to blab on and on about it.  :shrug:  It's very exhilarating.  I only meant to give a tiny bit of intro to D.Wilkerson's message about this but.....this is my testimony that forgiveness works and how it worked for me.  


Loving those who persecute us is really just a natural next step after Jesus heals our pain.




MtRider  :amen: 

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When you think about reasons to be angry, you get angry.  When you think about reasons to feel aggrieved, you feel aggrieved.   Resentful?  Same.


When you think about reasons to feel grateful, you feel grateful.  Same  So it makes sense to deliberately choose to lay down the burdensome emotions and take up the ones that bring light into your life, the ones that let you bring light into the lives that touch yours.  As Abraham Lincoln put it, "I reckon most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

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Made me recall, letting go of the first ropes that were strangling.  Jesus said, 7x70... = 490 times... I counted every.single.one... by the time 450 passed, laughter began bubbling up in embarrassment of my own reluctance to let it go.

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Annarchy....what a testimony!  Seriously!  That IS how it happens on the really rough ones.  At least on the first few bad issues.  Eventually, we wise up, right?  :hug3: 


MtRider :lol: 

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Ambergris.....putting ole Abe's quote in with other great quotes.  I deposit them in my MISC NOTES word processing file....interspersed with all sorts of ODD things I might need to remember.  So I see these gems every time I scan down the file looking for something I stashed there. 


MtRider  :thumbs: 

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