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Election 2020: Are You Prepared for the Reactions to the Results?

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@Annarchy - I wasn't sure if this should be in the "open" forums or in a "private" one; so do your moderator thing. ;)
Exposing the left's playbook and after action report for the 2020 election.
Go to the video for links to the TIP report, Glen Beck's analysis, and her dot-com website.


Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition (Report)



Glen Beck video: 



Good Patriot's website: 

W e b s i t e : https://www.goodpatriot.com

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I saw the first one through my Email.  The second one I have in Email but haven't opened it yet. i watch the glen beck videos.  Clinton was a sore looser and Obama wanted a third term through her. Don't know how that would have gone but is what i always heard.  They have done nothing for this country but try to get Trump out of office for the last 4 years, so they could take over the country and destroy it.  i am so tired of the news media lying to us. I know what is happening, and none of it will be good.  The left is going to turn this country into a socialist country.  Look at Venezuela.  Socialism has failed and that country is in very bad shape because of it. Those people are starving over there. Many have left the country. If you go to the Daisy Luther site. She talks a lot about that country.  That is also one of the places I was reading up about the vaccine for the virus. I am still trying to find out more about it. Scary stuff when you thank about it.


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3 hours ago, Ambergris said:

You do of course recall what I posted some months ago?


Yes.  This contention is not a surprise.  Seems like the stakes get higher every election.  Lies and ill manners are acceptable ....and if the speeches given on literal tree stumps in our long ago history are any indication, things have never been mannerly during elections.  :sigh:  


I watch as little as possible.  I don't want to "feed that monster" for my own sake.   I believe that God "seats and deposes leaders".....and I'll go with that.  I certainly do vote, but....  :shrug:    there is nothing more I can do but pray for wisdom to PREPARE/endure whatever might come after this ridiculous 2020 year. 


MtRider  :pray: 


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Not sure what will happen but you can bet there will be riots as they said they are going to riot in DC after the election.   I don't think it will matter who wins, they are just looking for an excuse to do damage, steal and destroy people's lives.  But I would not be surprised if civil war doesn't break out in this country. As it stands now, the things I bought a few months ago, that same stuff is now costing me double at the grocery stores. This is not a good indication of things to come.  I also read that there is a possibility of groceries going up 600 to 800 percent over the next 10 years. i really hope that is wrong. But the Bible does say about loaves of bread being a days wages and I forget what it said about barley. But I saw on the news today that there is a shortfall of barley now. 

I guess we will all be stocking to try our best to stay ahead of inflation. And that will no longer be easy to do.

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We just prepare ourselves to hunker down from Nov. 3rd to January...for the inaugeration then deal with life accordingly.  I've been reading Jonathan Cahn's book "The Harbinger II" and if our country doesn't repent and turn ... I'm looking for the rapture...and mercies for those who have to deal with what's left of our country.



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WE2, I also have been reading Jonathan Cahn's book "The harbinger II".  I read the first one. Great books. I am a little over half way through it now. Praying this country will repent and turn back to God, but even if it doesn't we have the rapture to look forward to.  And yes mercies for those who have to go through the tribulation.  What we are seeing now is just a taste of what's coming.  2020 has been a year of shaking and warnings. 


We are getting things together now as we were not able to plant a garden with DH in and out of hospital since the end of March.  So many doctor appts. and therapy which he is not done with yet. But I have a 2 week break and trying to get things together and be more prepared for all this mess. We don't plan on leaving the house, from Nov. 2ed till it is all over in January and then we will see what happens.  I fear in some towns it will be really bad and DC is one of those places they already said they would riot there.  We are about 5 hours from there. So glad for that distance but not sure what will happen around here. 

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I was getting ready to go to the store this afternoon and the power went out. Such an eerie feeling. So, I couldn't go to the store because when the electricity is out I can't get the car out of the garage. Even if I could I would have to leave the door up while I'm gone. Nope. I've got too much stored in there. And the phone goes out too so the town can't do a reverse 911 alert. 


My Kindles are charged and so is a the cell phone so I'm fine. It's been out for four hours so I suppose I'll read on Kindle until the lights come back on or I fall asleep. Then wind up the radio. It sure is dark at night!  :unsure:

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Jeepers, hope you get the electric back on soon.  My generator a couple of weeks ago didn't come on to check itself and charge battery. I checked it and it just needed oil. Though we haven't lost power in a long while, I think I better get it serviced. Oil change and air filter. I put oil in it and now it is coming on and checking itself fine. But it needs some upkeep that I don't know how to do and DH is no longer able to do. We do have a company that will come out and do what needs to be done though. 

Going to start out watching the debates in a bit, but not sure if I will continue to watch.  Or I can just pop some popcorn and enjoy the circus. I really can't wait till this mess is over but I am sure we will have another good 2 or 3 weeks of crap on TV. And then comes January. And it all starts again. 

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Jeepers....I've been going to go to the store for days and finally got there today.  I was SHOCKED to see empty shelves.  Not actually empty but where there should have been dozens of boxes of pastas the were 2 or 3 boxes of each kind, spaghetti, lasagna noodles, etc.  Empty bins of Malt-O-Meal cereals.  Big empty spaces where canned fruits,  vegetables and soups should have been.  Hardly any boxes of saltine crackers.  It hasn't been that way in the last few weeks.  Oh, there have been empty spaces but not like today.  


Is it because of the elections getting so close and people are scared?  Is it Covid with the Midwest, where I am, becoming so prevalent, or is it both?  I'm glad to have on hand what I do and I won't have to go out again.


Littlesister.....I just finished watching the debates.  A lot different than the last one.


Now, it's time for bed.  Good-night everyone.:offtobed:

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I went to the grocery store today and was shocked. In a good way. Nearly all of the food shelves were stocked back up. All the canned veggies were full and I even found white shoe peg corn and lima beans. The Giant Eagle brand of veggies was .49 a can. Even Campbell's soup was fully stocked. So was the canned meat and the canned spaghetti items. They also had the little cans of baked beans. The only food item that was low was canned tomatoes. They had everything I've been missing except for vanilla coke. They had the shrink wrapped ramen noodles bowls and regular jello. I didn't go down the cleaning aisle because I was running out of energy. 


And guess what they had? My brussel sprouts! I got six bags of those little dudes in my freezer. Birds eye steamed in the bag seasoned with cracked pepper and sea salt. Five minutes in the microwave and as splash or two of vinegar and I'm in heaven. Finally.  :hapydancsmil:


I couldn't believe how well stocked up they were. Maybe because it was a Friday and I'm used to going in the middle of the week? Maybe they are urging people to stock up? I don't know.  :shrug:


As soon as I got home there was a box delivered from Wal-mart. It was a case (12) canisters of Lysol cleaning wipes. They are a little smaller In count than they used to be but I knew that when I ordered them. I prefer the smaller count because I don't use them very often (mostly in the bathroom) so hopefully they will stay 'fresh' longer. At least that's the plan. I feel like I hit the jackpot today. 

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Jeepers, you did very well today.  I shopped yesterday and did find canned lima beans. I bought 6 cans for a back up from my frozen ones. But the can goods were not fully stocked. Though it looked like they may had been a couple of days earlier from the way the shelves looked but the stores here that I go to closest to home were packed with people. They are buying up by the cart loads it seems.  in a couple of weeks, I am going to try to venture out a bit further from home. DH did well for a couple of hours when I went to dentist, so going to try for 3 hours next time.  Things with doctors has to calm down again first.  

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Got out to Dollar Tree yesterday (it was in the low 80's!) and re-stocked some pasta's, mouthwash, hubby shower bars and several of the blue dish mats.  I'm going to line my refrigerator shelves with the mats.  Much easier to clean if something spills.  I have always used Press and Seal, but I'm going to the mats...when...I clean out the frig :gaah:

Tonight it's supposed to get to freeze temp, so sure glad we got our shopping done yesterday.

Hubby took a basket of towels etc., with him to the homestead to toss in the dryer to dry while we was working.  He put up the last LED shop light and the panty is lit like crazy!  He can't cut wood in the wet/cold (today was rain) and doesn't have room yet in his garage...sigh.

Had a leak AGAIN under the kitchen sink here so he had to use a different sealant for the basket.  We let it sit over night so he checked it this morning before he went to work and everything was dry...PTL!  Back to eating on regular dishware! :cele:

Grandson is doing well.  They've fitted him for a special wheelchair that he can add whatever he feels will make his life in a wheelchair more comfortable, and they're having him do some strenuous upper body strengthening exercises.  I'm so glad he's a fighter and not sitting around feeling sorry for himself!

Wednesday, we went to the courthouse to vote, and I took a pretty good spill.  Wearing those stupid mask's, dreary cloudy day, and over 70, those tire bumpers should be painted YELLOW!  Skinned up one knee pretty good and both palms, but nothing broken or badly hurt...except my temper!  Told hubby yesterday (it was nice and warm) I was NOT wearing those stupid mask's until I get in the building!  They're too big for me and I have to twist the ear elastic to make them tight enough to not block my vision...at best!  Came home and immediately took some Aleve and rubbed the bruised are with some Arnica gel, but only used Comfrey salve on the broken skin areas.  Felt okay to go vote yesterday.  The reason we wanted to go in person is because "somehow" several thousand ballots ended up in a town about 300 miles away.  Seems the post office routed them wrong!?  Yeah, tell me.  Any way they sent the sheriffs to go get them and bring them back, and then they had go through each of the  ballots and make phone calls, to validate the voter with the ballots.  What a mess...in a town as small as ours!  Today I hobbled around a bit, but feeling pretty good mobility today.  Just cautious going up and down steps.

Hubby's somewhat enjoying delivering flowers...but only because of the money.  They only pay ten bucks an hour so it's a pain in the yah yah a lot of the time for just 2 hours or a bit more of work.  Get up early, fix breakfast, clean body up, dress for work and then get there...about 10 blocks away.  Oh well...it is what it is.  There's not too many jobs out there for men his age...except for his carpentry and honey-do's for friends.



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WE2, those mask are to big for me as well. I bought some for children and they fit much better for me. And more comfortable. I never put my mask on till I get close to the building as long as I stay away from people in parking lot I think I would be ok to do that. 

Glad you didn't get hurt to bad when you fell. That can be much worse for us older people.  Stay safe out there.

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