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I don't have any butter stored sway. I figured I'd check out some of the powdered kind. At Augason Farms it is $36.99 for a #10 can. Way to expensive for me. 


Then I looked on Amazon. They have the exact same thing for $19.99. Big difference. Same brand and same size.


Augason Farms is $36.99 and you pay for shipping plus they don't ship for 2-3 weeks! 


Amazon is $19.99 free shipping with Prime and they ship right away. 


I did the math. I ordered two cans of it yesterday afternoon and got an email today saying it shipped and will be here Friday. 


I don't know if Amazon is having a sale on it so it might not last long. I don't know. But if you are in the market for Augason Farms butter powder you might want to check it out. 


I tried to link it but couldn't figure it out on Kindle. Just go to Amazon and type in Augason Farms. 


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It is nice to have a bit on hand if you are a big butter user.  I keep several  *cough dozen cough* pounds of the actual stuff in the freezer and one can of powder set back for emergencies.  If you are just using it to cook, you can always use oil or crisco instead.  The life expectancy for oil is much longer and I find it more useful in a shift scenario.  If you just want to put it on carby items  then I find that using a fruit jam or apple butter often eliminates the need for actual butter.

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And just like that the butter powder is sold out on Amazon. Expected back on Oct. 24. 


I looked at the Hoosier HiIl brand but it's only 1 pound and Augason Farms is 2.4 pounds and in a can. I don't know if it will be the same price after the 24th. Alaska Prepper tried H.H. brand sour cream and said it was awful. I might order some of their cheddar cheese powder though.


A lot of things are selling out fast now. Augason has three pages of items on their site and two of the pages are sold out.  

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I have had the butter powder for a long time. It's not bad for cooking. Not tried it on anything like toast though.  Just remember, once you open the can, if you leave it in can. It is only good for 1 year after opening.  Once opened, store in canning jars with O2 obsorber and seal jar. it will continue to last several years that way.  I need to check my stash of long term foods to see if I have everything I need. I sure hope so because I will not get it for the price I got 7 or 8 years ago. 

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Living in the Dairy State helps. :hapydancsmil:  I usually have enough butter in the freezer for *cough* a long time. At $1.79 a pound, I just stock up, freeze it, and keep the inventory on the door of the freezer.  When everything else is gone (oils, shortening), I can always fall back on butter. Did I mention that whole milk is $1.65 gallon? I keep us in yogurt, too.    :rolleyes:

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When I defrosted my freezer the other day, I have several lbs. of butter in there. So covered both with  the long term butter powder and what I have in freezer. 

As for milk, we don't have any dairy farms around here that I am aware of. One had closed down a long time ago. I still have a couple of the glass milk jugs from them. So I do have a lot of long term powdered milk and the powdered milk you buy in the store that I have redone for longer term.  I saw where the Ready Store has some freeze dried foods on sale but not sure if I would buy any at this point. If I do it will be veggies only. As you never know from year to year how the gardens will produce and is good to have those back ups.

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