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Do you think you've ruined your white board? Maybe not!

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Have you (or one of your children) ever written on a white board with a Shapie (permanent) marker instead of a "Dry Erase" one?
Watch this short video to see how to clean it off. :)
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That doesn't work very well with dried sharpie that has been there more than a day.  I know b/c I have 'artist' kids and one of my relatives paints for a living.   The best way to get it off almost anything is with alcohol.  Rubbing alcohol, vodka, doesn't matter.  Saturate the area with it and wipe it off onto a paper towel.  


Markers and paint come in two types--water soluble and alcohol based.  Use water to remove or or bleed for artistic purposes on water based items like wet erase markers or water color pencils.  Use alcohol to remove or bleed (think smeared backgrounds) alcohol based markers like dry erase markers, sharpies, copics, or paint pens.   If you want to completely remove the ink, use more water or alcohol than needed to bleed it and keep adding until all pigment is absorbed into a paper towel or cloth.  


The trick she is using in the video is to use an alcohol based dry erase marker on an alcohol based sharpie.  There is enough alcohol in the marker to get it to come off b/c the sharpie isn't 'dry' yet and the alcohol content of both is enough to bleed off.  As it dries, the alcohol content goes down and it doesn't work.  

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I have always used alcohol to remove it, but now that that is getting so hard to find, I found the stuff that you use to clean those boards with. So that saves my alcohol for what I really need it for. But the kids are all grown now so not a problem any longer.  But good video and good to know that trick.

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