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Would you please keep Mt Rider's Mom in your prayers? She had a heart attack on Saturday and the ambulance rushed her to the hospital. She has been staying with her Dad while Mom is at the hospital and doesn't have any internet there.


God is faithful though and Mt Rider's Mom has a good chance of being able to go home tomorrow but she asked for y'all to keep her dear Mom in your prayers.



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I just wanted to give you an update from Mt Rider.


They did a cath to her heart on Tuesday and her mom doesn't need a stent. The doctors said that they will treat the blockage with meds. Everyone is amazed because even through she's 90, she moves like a much younger lady :).


The plan is to bring her mom home from the hospital today but I haven't hear yet whether that plan went through.


Mt Rider asked me to tell y'all how grateful she is for all your prayers. She said that she'll be with her parents for a few more days which unfortunately means she'll continue to be without internet.


I'll keep you posted as I hear from her :)

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Mt Rider's mom is home and is doing well...yayyyyy!


Everyone is a little worn out so that You Lord for Your strength to help everyone get through this rough time.


Her mom went to her regular doctor who said she is doing very well and is managing the stairs surprisingly well, which is amazing to the doc.


God is always faithful :)

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Just found this thread.  Thanks to Darlene for passing on my messages during my time w/o Internet.  Folks have cell service/we don't.  We have Internet/they don't.  :shrug: 


Thanks very much to all who were concerned for us and for your prayers.  HE sustained us all.  And some of it was very very difficult.  Their age and my dad's confusion, etc makes all this so very delicate .....to be assisting without being too aggressive.  A balance.  Both my folks are very grateful for DH and I.....at the moment.  For my dad, being "too helpful" can happen in an instant.  :shrug:    That's one ya can't really anticipate or win every time.  Sooooo....continued prayer would be greatly appreciated.  Juggling with grenades is not fun.   But we had many precious moments too. 


MtRider  :sSig_thankyou:

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