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It has been a long time since I've been here.


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Hi everyone, I know it has been a very long time since I have been in here.    

We have had so much going on for the past several months and it would take me a while to post about all of it.  

I think I will just start with March 15th as that was the last day I went to church.     I have not been in Wal-Mart or any grocery store since March 13th or 14th.       

Like a lot of you out there, I have so many medical problems I don’t want to be around people more than I need to be.  

So, now the story starts.     I had lived in the house next to a golf course for 49 years and the owners of the golf course was after my daughter, who had bought it from Gary and me a few years after she came home.     I’m thinking it was in March they had a realter talk to DD.     After talking to her, she came home and told me a lot that was going to be happening there.      To make a long story short or at least shorter, they are building town houses and they started one of them in June.     DD signed to sell the house and land to them in June and so we had to start looking for a new home.     Right now, they have one home up, at least the outside if it, and a second one started that is just beyond where the property line was.      They did buy it all and they started making a road shortly after.      They pushed into the back of our little storage building while the road was being made.      I’m thinking the town house that is up is not much more than 100 feet from our south end of what was our house.      So, you see, we have been busy finding a new home and moving a little at a time.     They did give us until the end of September to get out of the house and it was a good thing as it was about the 26h or 27th when we did get everything out.      If it hadn’t been for some of my relatives, we could not have made the deadline.     By the time DD got through with work in the late afternoon she was tired.       Anyway, we are now in a very nice home and are still unpacking.      

Remember, 49 years is a long time to be collecting things and stuff.    We did get rid of a lot of things and are still going through more things.  

Before we were completely moved in, one of my grandsons called and needed a place to stay.      So, we had the room and we said yes.    So, he and his girlfriend moved in.    He did help a lot while we were moving but of course, there was a lot more he could have done after we were moved in.

The kids left almost 2 weeks ago so now it is just the 2 of us and we are starting to relax some.    Yes, there is still a lot of stuff to unpack and decide where to put it or what to do with it.   

Now, the kicker is the fact that we have both been blocked on face book.    So, I’m not sure where they are and or what they are doing.      According to him they would be moving to central N. D. but, I am not so sure about that.     He has a friend that was suppose to get them and it wasn’t a friend that picked them up, it was his mom.     I have a feeling they are going back to where they had been.   

My poor son was so shaken up that morning when they were leaving that his voice shook even.     He is thinking he won’t see his son again.     So, yes, we have been going through a lot not just the move.      

So, now with the Covid19 and all, I am very careful who I am around.      I just talked to a friend from church that just lost her husband a couple weeks ago and now she has Covid19.    

Please everyone, be careful where you go and who you are around.   

Our county now has 423 cases or at least that is how many have tested positive for Covid19.   




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Moving the contents of a HOUSE after living in it for 41 years is most definitely more difficult than moving the contents of a house you've only lived in for 10 years (which I had to do) and that is even more difficult of moving the contents of an apartment that you've lived in for 10 years (which I have also had to do), so I hope you are happy there and won't have to do it again any time soon! :knary:


I'm sorry you've lost contact with your g-son, that has happened to me too (with my son). It was heartbreaking, but now it only hurts if I stop and think about it. I hope you are able to restore communications with him and will be able to heal the relationship. :blush:


Please try to remember that positive C19 tests is not the same as hospitalizations or deaths. Do be careful when you are out and about, but don't shutter yourself in and away from the world as the results of that situation can be more devastating than the virus.  :(


Stay safe. Be well. :bighug2:



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:hi: Snowmom, I’ve missed you. Wondering... Nice to hear you are settling down. 

Moving... we’ve been here over 35 years.  I can’t imagine what I’d do if we had to move.  Probably freak out, :runcirclsmiley2:

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Snowmom, it is great to see you on here again.  Moving is rough to say the least.  DH has lived in this house for 53 years and me for 35 years.  I can understand the medical issues well.  DH was in and out of the hospital since April and back and forth to doctors and therapy since before the first of the year. Seems we spend months in and out of hospitals and the ER as well. 4 hospital stays and 2 surgeries.  And to think I have had a hard time finding a dentist to pull a tooth.  Crazy times we live in these days.  I would like to say it can't get any worse, but I won't bet on it.  Will pray for all to work out with your grandson.  I dread the idea of moving, but if they don't slow down the building up around here and start doing something about the traffic, I have been contemplating looking around for a place in the country.  Only problem with that is so many times I have seen a town build up on top of that country area. First time was my grandparents homestead.  Used to be nothing around there but a small motel and a pharmacy.  Then along came a Wal-Mart and that was the end of that. Full blown town. and now it has happened where I live. I like the neighbors but not on top of me. No privacy, and way to much bumper to bumper traffic. 

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I really have missed being here and I will try my best to check in a LOT more often.    :)    


I had been out to eat with a class mate in August, then in September there were 5 of us classmates eating out together.      It was really good to be able to visit with all of them.    :)


I do have everything they say to stay away from the covid though.      Heart, I am on my 3rd pace maker, kidney problems  stage 3 kidney disease,  COPD, never smoked a day in my life, Gary did.    I have diabetes and a lot of allergies and of course asthma.       So I am just careful who I am around.     My one son lives in Fargo and he comes most weekends.    There is also another guy who has called me mom for years who I see once in a while as well as my niece who helped with the move who has gotten some groceries for us as well as our pastor and some times he brings one of his kids with him.    So I do see others.    


It is just I don't want to take any chances in a store.    :)   


Thank you Littlesister for the prayers.     




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Snowmom, it's so good seeing you post again. Sorry you have been going through such a stressful time though. It's so hard to move after being in one place for so long. I've been trying to move, all by myself, for two years now. I've been here 35 years and it's daunting. I've got three floors, garage and an attic full. Ugh, just saying that makes my head spin. And I'm also aware of my age and illnesses and limitations. So, I understand where you are coming from. :hug3:

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It's nice to see both of you posting again.  I'm looking forward to seeing more posts in the future.  :grouphug:

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Just thought I would come in and say Hi to everyone and also to say Merry Christmas to you all.   :)  



Oh yes, HappyGirl, now Joyfilled, yes I do remember you.     How are you doing??   


Mother, good to be coming in sometimes.     


Becca_Anne, good to see you here too.    

:bighug2:  To everyone.   :)   

Merry Christmas to everyone.    :)  

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