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Long covid, it's a thing

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I've been talking with another member about some of long term complication of covid. The fatigue I had with covid lasted months and I still have to watch my activities or I become very tired. Brain fog is definitely a struggle. 

My doctor has also encountered patients who still have not recovered from all the symptoms of long covid. 



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Sorry your recovery has been slow Gofish. 


Midnightmom, I'm thinking I might have had a mild case of the virus in Dec/Jan. It took me over 3 months to get my strength back. I'm still weak in my stamina and muscles. I also went into a UTI (unusual for me) that took two rounds of Cipro to get rid of. 

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Gofish, I'm sorry you are still having problems. :pray:


There was what everyone was calling a BAD flu around here last Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb.  DD and I had it in mid-Jan, and again in Feb.  First time she was ever sick with anything.  I had not had the flu in 10 years and it hit me hard.  It took both of us a long time to feel better.  At the time, I just assumed it was just a bad flu year and with my other health stuff going on, my immune system wasn't up to par.   I think we all had it then.

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I started reading about the Long Haulers back in the summer.  They organized on-line support groups cuz they felt like the anomalies but it's getting more press now.  Pretty tough.  Hope you pass into the Getting Back To Normal phase soon, Gofish! 


MtRider  :pray: 

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This Long Haulers is very interesting and more people should be reading this.   


I have a nephew who thinks he may have had it in December after reading and hearing so much about it. 



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I honestly believe, we got it around Thanksgiving last year.  One of his family relatives, from Mexico, didn't come, because ".. he was extremely sick at home.."  and thank you for insisting on hugging us.... Not!  We got sick a week later, it took 4 times to the Dr. to get meds, plus, poor DH was unable to get out of bed a few days.  It was terrible.  I'm extremely grateful, God healed us.  :amen:

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