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Mom has been wanting a whole chicken baked for months. I finally found a decent price at the store and bought three birds. I baked the first one the other night and even included stuffing for her. I'm finding that I have to add gravy to most of her meats and dry sides. SIL said to make small batches and freeze them into ice cube trays. :hug3: I researched it and found that non-dairy gravies are the best. They don't separate. Now she gets a dab of gravy on her food.


I stripped the chicken and popped the bones and skin into the crockpot. Cooked it all night on low and woke up to a wonderful smell in the morning. That's scary sometimes because I'm the only cook in the house.    :24:  I canned the broth and made 7 pints for future soups and gravies. Mom doesn't think I come up out of the kitchen very often. She's right.    :grinning-smiley-044:


I'm thankful I have plenty of jars and lids. Many times I reuse lids that pass the eagle-eye inspection. I learned that trick after the last lid shortage several decades ago and has been one of the best tips I've used since then.  :happy0203:

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22 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:

Good thing you have a wonderful, remodeled kitchen, Homesteader!  Did you ever get finished with alll those projects? 


MtRider  :cook: 

We didn't vfinish the ramp on the deck. Mom is still good on the special stairs. The ramp would be 60' long. Carpenter friend said the wood prices are 300% higher than pre pandemic. The kitchen needs ceiling and partial wall painted and then we can lay the floor tiles that we've stored for 1.5 years.  Will wait until after holidays. Mom wants us to start selling her stuff. I need 36 hours in a day.  😂

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Good Morning,


I have saved some of the lids for several years and reuse them on Jelly but not on anything else.  


Homesteader, I understand your mom liking gravy, I do too.   :)      


I also understand the need to sell things.     When we moved this summer, we got rid of a LOT of stuff.     I'm still sorting and getting rid of things.    


Give your mom a hug for me.    :)  :bighug2:

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