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Are you doing any genealogy?


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Good morning,


Just wondering is anyone is doing genealogy now?


Also, has anyone heard from Momo lately?     I don't think she has posted for a while.    


Momo, if you see this, please let us know you are doing ok.       Or PM me, please.  





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I'm trying to get back into it because my mom lives with us now. We have totes of history from her when we moved her in with us. What a perfect time to get back to it. I feel exhausted all the time, though  ..... virus news, election fiasco, Thanksgiving cancelled, Christmas right around the corner. I need a break and get back into those old photo albums that hold many of the wonderful stories of my family history.    :pc_coffee:

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I've been doing a lot and got myself subscription to Ancestry so having fun making connections there. I love finding all the photos others share. My daughter is also now very interested so we have fun sharing our discoveries together. I need to get working on scanning all my photos next, and scrapbooking but trying to wait until hubby finishes the shed he's building so I can make space downstairs where we are storing everything to turn it into my crafting spot

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I have not done it but have had a couple of family members do it.  I was doing the scrapbooking for my daughter and the 3 grandchildren to give each of them. but had to put it on hold with DH being so sick this year. Hoping to get back into it again next year.  I haven't even done any sewing this year. So yes my world has been turned upside down, but not letting it get the better of me. Been through tough times before and God got me through all of it as he will this as well.  So next year, I am hoping to be able to get back to the scrapbooking, sewing and a garden again. Hard to believe I had to put so much on hold this year.  Hope it doesn't make me lazy after not doing the things I like to do. Hard to pick up and get started on things that have been put on back burner for over a year.

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Littlesister, hope your family is getting better by now.    It is interesting so you should see what they have.   :)


Becca-Anne, so good to see you here.     We need to get together on the Jones side.    :)     Swap some stories maybe even.   


Homesteader, you will have some good info from the sounds of it.     Be sure to get everything you want to know from your mother too.  :)    I regret not questioning my dad more years ago when I was in school.    That was a very long time ago.   


Ann, I know that at one time, I'm thinking it was you, were able to help me with the Lee side of my family.   :)


Of course I haven't done anything these past several months but, hope to be able to work on it later on this winter.   :)  


Have a great day everyone.   :bighug2:

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I have done genealogy for many years, I started on my husband's side. 


Lately I have been trying to track down an Aunt of mine who left the family years ago. It's actually been a twenty year search, this time, I discovered her granddaughter, so I have a long lost cousin I am now in contact with! 


The surprises never end when doing Genealogy!

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