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Freezer Meal Prep Boxes


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These looked like a pretty good deal for freezer meal prep meals. It says 70 but that includes the lids. So 35 sets. I plan to do a lot of freezer meals when I get moved and can find a freezer. 


I ordered a couple of boxes and can pick them up Monday at my Walmart. They have them for today pick up at another one but mine is closer and I'm in no rush.


In store pick up only. 



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1 hour ago, Homesteader said:


I probably missed it but do you have a timeline for your move?

Yeah, lady.  We need in on the plan here.


Since there's no roadtrip this year, I've been considering moving our MrsS Christmas festivities to Jeepers's Ohio house.  We'll have a big packing party.   There will be a dress code (aka Jeepers must wear pants)   :008Laughing:.  But, beyond that I haven't though it all out.   Ideas anyone?

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2 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Nothing to see here . Move along

I still can't get those boxes to go away. It only showed half of the quote.


Yes, I have a moving timeline. It was about a year+ ago.  :008Laughing:

It's getting embarrassing to say "When I move..." I'm even rolling my eyes at myself.  :rolleyes: 



It's with a heavy heart that I must announce that there will be no Christmas road trip this year. BUT you are definitely all invited to my house this year. All of you. A packing party sounds great! I'll bet we ladies can knock this house out in no time. Ain't no stinkin' little germs gonna keep us down. I can't promise on the pants but I can do a mu mu. Love those things. I still have TP from the last trip so we are good there. Also plenty of beans and rice! Don't be surprised if you find a paint brush or two in your stockings hung by the chimney with care. Just saying. 

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We can knock out that house in a day. We are all such fast packers,, As for painting that is another story. Done enough of that in my day. Next time my house needs painting, i will just hire all of you guys on here.


Packing party and a painting party.  FUN!


Speaking of packing, painting and moving.  My DD and SIL are packing, painting and moving,  Granddaughter is moving today.  Better them than me. Because if I have to move, I will pack the bear necessities and leave the rest for someone else to deal with, or get one of those dumpsters to throw it all in. Waiting for spring to either have a big yard sale or to take it all to Good will or one of the other ones. Salvation Army  maybe. It has to go.



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