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Not sure where to put this. I guess here is as good a place as any.


I discovered a new use for an empty pill bottle. It's genius I tell ya. Turned upside down they make a great barrier to keep insects out of your drink. They fit over the tab on a pop can and over a straw on a fountain drink. 


"Someone" has gnats in the house again and a pill bottle over the top of a drink works perfectly at keeping them away. Especially over a straw. Will work good this summer for flies too. That's it. My contribution to mankind. And Mrs. Survival too. Patent, trademark and copyright pending. You're welcome. 


I think I shall call it the D*mn Bottle Dam. Use as a dam to keep those d*mn pesky insects out of your mouth. Or maybe a straw condom. It kinda looks like that too. 

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I just collect mine until a storage box is overflowing, then I advertise on Craig's List. There are people who collect them for distribution to missionaries. Apparently they are highly sought after and prized in the mission field for some of the very reasons mentioned above. :thumbs:

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Fishing line and hooks in bob for fishing. Just need a good strong stick to tie line to.  Also to hold sewing needles. Also to keep change for parking meters in car. You can keep all the piping tips in them for baking. Easy to find that way and not all over the kitchen drawer. You can paint the bottles also.

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Seed saving.  Chainsaw Mary gets nice ones with screw on (not child proof) tops that I have forbidden her to throw away, as they are the right size (about 4 ounces) for many things.  

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I'm testing my pill bottles now. They are about 3 1/2 in. tall and about 6 in. around. They are the kind with the screw on reversible caps. One way is child proof and you turn it over and it isn't child proof. 


I filled two of them with water and put one cap on the child proof way and the other cap on the regular way. They are sitting on the sink on a couple of sheets of folded T.P. Will let you know tomorrow if they leaked. 

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Mt. Rider good to known about the lids for the pill bottles. I have several of them but the lids are just the pop on ones. With arthritic hands I cannot get those child proof ones open.  I am working on a way to use them with the pop on lids. I know those will leak. They do have a lot of uses. 

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My two bottles are still sitting upside down on the bathroom sink on folded toilet paper and are still bone dry. So, at least I know my screw cap bottles are leak proof. They changed our lids from the flip caps to screw on many years ago. Some people wanted child proof and some didn't. So they give us a cap with both options. Pretty cool actually. 

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Hi Dwarven1 and welcome. :hi:

I had to look up what a bore snake was. Good use of a bottle!


BTW, after nearly a month the bottles are still sitting upside down on a paper towel and still haven't leaked. They are the screw on caps. Both with a child protective cap and turned over for the regular cap. 

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On 1/31/2021 at 7:50 PM, Dwarven1 said:

I use emptied pill bottles to store my bore snakes. Keeps them separated and stored in a small space.


Hi Dwarven1.  I used a pill bottle for that too....a long fat one held a bitty bottle of oil, bore snake [only kind of snake I'm willing to be around, y'all!] , Q-tips, sawed-off toothbrush, two brush ends, and some small cleaning squares. 


Tried to get a small enough cleaning kit that I could carry....in case of BO.


Jeepers.....try submerging those pill bottles.  Weight them down or they pop to top of water in a bowl.  You're describing the ones that held best for me - double option but using the not-locking option.  Submerged, the cotton was just damp...and MIGHT be getting wet only as I take it out...from up near the lid?  :shrug: 


.....I'm going to try placing some Saran Wrap over the leaky ones.  They'd be sorta okay but I'm trying for waterproof even when submerged.  


MtRider  :bathbaby: 

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Dh used to use bore snake. I think he still has all that stuff in one of his ammo can's. It has all the cleaning stuff in there. Oil, rags and all the rest of that stuff.  Haven't pulled that out in a long time to check it. Thinking that might be a good idea to go through that stuff. 


Hello and welcome Dwarven 1.  That is a great idea for bore snake. I also have a lot of the altoid tins. With some of those I have made up sewing kits and fishing kits. 

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