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That site is one I have bookmarked. On one site, maybe that one, it told about how to measure for glasses. I can't remember what it said. Something about taking a ruler and measuring from the bridge of the nose out to the pupil. Or maybe pupil to pupil. I don't remember. Also something about some numbers on your prescription. That's probably wrong. But they told how to measure before you order. 


My prescription is over two years old so I'd have to get my eyes checked again before I could order. I'm still sort of holding out for eye surgery again though. 


Amber what kind of insurance can you get for elective eye surgery? Might be worth it to have it for at least a year or two. I also looked up the cost of dental implants. :0327:   


I thought about getting four molars done on the lower jaw. Two on each side. At those prices I'd have to just get one very long tooth on each side. LOL. Gives a new meaning to 'long in the tooth'.  If the tooth fits...wear it.  

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Eye #2 done! Loving the new vision. After first surgery couldn't wear my prescription glasses so I went to readers. I bought 2.5's at Dollar Tree, they were too strong for the right eye but not strong enough for the left eye. But today I went and bought 1.5's, hopefully in three weeks I can drop down to 1's or 1.25's. Thank goodness for Dollar Tree.

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Well today both eye surgeries were delcared a success. I was diagnoised with 20/20 distance vision. I will still need readers, but I was released back to my regular eye doctor here in town. :hapydancsmil:

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Great news momma! I had cataract surgery 5 years ago. They did both eyes at the same time....so I ended up laying around blind for a while. It’s pretty amazing what they do...I was semi awake for the whole procedure.

And, yes I have quite a few Dollar Tree readers...

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