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Good bye 2020

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I found Nana's posts. Whew!


Go to Are You Really Ready?

Click on the sub topic Survival Library

Click on Budget And Storage Plans. 

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Haven't seen any post from Westie, but sounds like a great idea if they can be bought back up. Maybe they are archived somewhere. I need to learn a few things for future times coming.  


My father was a commercial artist. He did newspaper adds for Giant Open Air Market, Leggett's furniture store, designed bank bags and did the monster signs for peck iron and medal.  He also when he had a heart attack. He sketched drawings in the hospital using chalk drawings for people and sold them for $25.00 and up. None of us 3 girls came close to being an artist. Though my oldest sister was better at it than us. Guess it skipped a generation because I have a granddaughter, the one getting married in March that is really great at it. She has designed tennis shoes for people painting birds and flowers on some and other things for others.  She sold those for $50.00 a pair plus the price of the shoes.  She has painted things for us as well and I treasure all of those pictures. My oldest granddaughter is the one that does the poems. I have copies of those as well in an album. I treasure all of them. My grandson is really good at drawing as well, but has not taken a real interest in doing it yet. But then he is a boy and has other things he likes to do better. Fishing and hunting, though hunting is not going to happen for a long while now. No where he can go. Will see how N.C. pans out on that. 

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, Mother said:

but I feel I might mind the enforced editing if I tried to publish.  


I'm with you on that!!!  It would be like amputating "fingers and toes" from my "baby" !  :o     ;)     I think with self-publish on Amazon, you can do what you want tho.  I think it would sprain my brain to figure out HOW to do that tho...  :scratchhead: 


I went way back in RURR  and found ...to my delight....some pics I had posted of my animals and such.  I was able to copy them back onto this laptop.  I'd saved some on my first digital camera but ..... :buttercup:  .....DH was messing with the little memory thing and ....I think he lost it.  :gaah:    [ Grrrr!  These male creatures are always taking things apart but they don't put them back together!!]  I was so happy to get the one of my beloved [and long ago departed] big white horse.  Others of my goat hooligans, etc.  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:  ...won't surprise any of you that I miss using 'smilies' when typing my stories tho...  :lol:  Have to describe in WORDS ONLY. 

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Go to Pinterest and look up Westbrook Rose. Westie left us a rich legacy of info. Emergency Preparedness is my favorite  folder, but I'ts all good. Sure do miss her!

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