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I am just tired

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We have had so much happen this last year and I was hoping this year would be better but so far no. I am just so tired. I have 3 special needs children and things just keep coming at us. Oh well 1 day at a time

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I am mentally tired so far.  Physically, I have plenty of energy but with everything going on (including DH's friend in jail and we have his dog still, over a month now), I'm feeling strained.  And with my neighbor friend passing away a few days ago.  It's a lot to process!  


I'm sorry you are starting off the year tired and I pray it will get better for all of us!  

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Yeah, a new year but the residuals carry over with last year's issues.  Nothing changes when we put up a new calendar.  But...eventually things resolve and new issues and challenges appear.  'Tis life and is natural.  If we can remember "This too, shall pass" I think it helps keep things in perspective.  Helps somewhat.  Some times are just very, very hard.  :( 


Hugs to Zzellle and Miki and all who have a heavy burden(s) right now.  I hear ya!! 


MtRider  :pray: 

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:grouphug:Group hugs all the way around.  Hoping everyone will have better days ahead. I know all to well how hard it can be to get both physically and mentally tired. Makes it hard to keep going with things that need to be done and with time maybe running out on preparing for how this country may turn out. Seems like a guessing game of what will happen next.  But we all need to look on the bright side as things are bound to get better in one way or the other. Lots to look forward to.  Calling DH's therapist on Monday. Things with that leg has to start working so he can walk and get up on his own much better. My body is going to wear out trying to help him up to his walker. I am feeling it in both neck and hip now. So time to get him moving. 

One of the reason's I decided to take a couple of months to just relax. No news other than weather. Though DH will be watching some of that. I can just get what I need to know from him.  Well we have had dinner early tonight, so going to go read for a while. DH is fully settled in. So I now have some time to myself. 

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:grouphug:Hugs to you zzelle and everyone else. I’m feeling the same way. I’ve had a few days of just not wanting to get out of bed. But...we have to keep on moving for our families.

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We buried our little cat Saturday.  She had always been frail, and had lost a leg a few years ago, and had recently gone blind.  It was time.  The other female cat keeps going around looking for her, though.

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Ambergris, I am so sorry for your loss.  Pets are like family and it's so sad when one goes on to pet heaven. Your other kitty is missing that one but will bounce back in a week or so.  I've been there.  Had a kitty that would not eat for a week when our dog passed. He thought the dog was his mother. Stuck to that dog like glue.

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I lost one of my cats last February and I still cry over him.  It is amazing how much they are family.  

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Sorry for the loss of your little one Ambergris.  We lost two long time pets in less than a week just after Christmas.  Gone but certainly not forgotten.


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