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Anyone else trying to?


Here is the next pattern I am working on.  Stolen from a picture on the net. I started it twice, before I realized I needed thicker thread. 
My bobbins are wound with thicker threads, black & navy blue.  We shall see how it turns out.





Here is my first few attempts with sewing threads.  Lol. 


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Those are beautiful. My cousin can tat too. Not many know how.

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I taught myself to tat using a teach yourself needlework book,  I think its out of print now but it covered knitting, crochet, tatting and embroidery and had simple patterns.  My mother commnented once about wanting some tatted lace for a blouse but she did not know how to tat.  So that winter I taught myself and gave her 6 yards of tatted edging for her blouse.  I liked tatting because I could roll it up and stick it in my pocket at work, and work on it during odd times.  I just got some spare bobbins of thread (they are very small too) so I would not run out of materials.

You should try tatting. There are only a few stitches but they can be put together so many ways to create so many beautiful things.  I find it is easier on my arthritic hands than any other needlework because it is basically knotting which you can do with a looser thread, then snug it up.  Start with larger threads though, because if you need to pick it apart those fine threads are like OMG to un-do!!:eclipsee_Victoria:

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