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Gas Prices 2021

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We drove from south east Virginia to Lenoir City, TN (just west of  Knoxville) and back last weekend and this weekend.  It was around 2500 miles total to drop off kids and pick them up from their Dad's house (he is in Arkansas and that is halfway for both) for spring break.  Gas prices ranged from 2.34 to 2.79 a gallon depending on where we were.  They were most expensive in the western part of VA and cheapest near me in southeast VA.  TN was around the same as home.     Last weekend was Easter weekend, so we expected gas to be higher then, but it was not.  It was around .05 higher this weekend when we went back through.  


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The Columbia pipeline having been hacked, we were warned to get in line for gas before everyone and his cousin did.  We checked, and had 320 miles of range, so we didn't.  Did make a couple of phone calls.  Then I had to go up to the edge of town to check in at the bank to prove my identity after failing an online test and wow, the gas lines were stopping one lane of highway traffic in places.  If you look at the map of the pipeline and see where it has a jagged vertical through Tennessee and Georgia, you can see where I live, just off the south end of that vertical line.

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$3.4999 in Lordsburg, NM. 

Gassing up, here in TX in the morning, then, see where I need to gas up again.  I’m hoping to make it into CO before needing more. 

Strong side winds, only got 26.5 mpg.  Usually I get 28+. 

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DGD in Virginia said one of their two gas stations ran out of gas and the other had long lines of cars yesterday but the lines thinned by last night and they were able to get gas.  Only a few cents higher so far. 

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We are in southern Virginia.   Long lines everywhere and about half of them are completely out of gas.  The local FB pages contains 'where has gas' posts constantly like the previous toilet paper/lysol issue.  It is currently about .30 higher than last month.  

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We had to pick up DD17 for an appointment at 4 this afternoon.  On the way there and back we saw 5 separate gas stations with bags over handles and none that had gas.  

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