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Gas Prices 2021

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Gas prices have skyrocketed here now. Today in N.E. Ohio it was $3.08. The first time over $3.00 in my town ever. 


Last week on the Oh/In toll road gas was between $3.30 - $3.50. Sort of surprised me because I assumed the price of gas would be the same on the toll road within each state. 

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I was on the toll road from the west side of Indiana to Cleveland Ohio yesterday, Sept 7. The prices ranged from $3.39 to $3.05. The higher prices in Indiana.


I filled up in Indiana before I got on the toll road in Indy and it was $2.86. That was a pleasant surprise! 

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Gas this morning was $3.35.


Ohio is having problems getting Diesel. Last I heard it was being rationed and some places are running out all together. Not a shortage of fuel but a shortage of drivers. Humm, you'd think with fewer truck drivers on the road there wouldn't be such a shortage...  :D

Pilot Travel Centers out of diesel fuel in select central Ohio locations

PICKAWAY COUNTY, Ohio– Pilot Travel Centers LLC. announced yesterday that they are struggling to supply central Ohio gas stations with diesel fuel.


The company released a statement after their Pickaway County location ran out Thursday afternoon.


“The industry is facing extremely tight diesel supply conditions in the Ohio market,” said one corporate representative.


“We are working to manage demand across our stores and as a result, select locations may be temporarily down on diesel.” The company added that they are bringing in drivers and fuel from surrounding states to help maintain supply at the remainder of their stations.


Circleville is one of four Pilot Travel Centers out of diesel fuel. Stores in Sunbury, Columbus, and Hebron join Circleville on the list of stations that are temporarily out. The company said that the remainder of their other locations are viable alternatives.


The lack of fuel is not new as the national labor shortage creeps into the trucking industry. In June, experts warned that fewer truck drivers were on the road in 2021. National analysts have said sporadic outages could continue for the rest of the year.


“We are not looking at a shortage of gasoline,” said a AAA spokesperson to national media. “In fact, we have ample supply in the United States to get through the rest of the year. The concern is not a shortage of fuel but a shortage of drivers to deliver that fuel.”



Pilot Travel Centers out of diesel fuel in select central Ohio locations (sciotovalleyguardian.com)


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Gas here is dropping a bit.  Now 3.19 to 3.29.  Hoping it will drop more. 7-11 has dropped down from 3.29 to 3.25 for now.  Crossing my fingers that it will drop some more. But not getting my hopes up. They are going to try to force us to buy electric cars or pay a tax to use the roads with a gas engine.

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I went out to mail some bills and noticed the BP station about 1 mile from my house is $3.15. 


About 3.7 miles in the opposite direction from my house, (I google mapped me) to Meijers the gas is $2.99. First time I've seen gas below $3.00 in a long time. That station is open 24/7 too. 


That Meijers store opened last May and so far I'm really lovin' it. Kinda takes the sting out of losing K-Mart that was there. Hope they catch on in more places.

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47 minutes ago, Littlesister said:

Only checked one gas station over past couple of weeks.  $3.09 at the one close to me. Need to head down the road to see what it is as I will have to fill the tank up soon.

I was really surprised by how much difference the prices of gas is in just a small area around me. 16 cents a gallon adds up pretty fast.

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On 1/24/2022 at 6:03 PM, Jeepers said:

I was really surprised by how much difference the prices of gas is in just a small area around me. 16 cents a gallon adds up pretty fast.

Jeepers, I have noticed a difference in different places. When I went to the fabric shop awhile back, it was 3.39 here and 3.03 in Newport New.  Sounds like a bit of price gouging.

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Annarchy, those prices are harsh.  Ours are still holding at $4.09 in my neighborhood.

But I have seen them between $4.05 and $4.19 with B.P. (British Petroleum) consistently being the highest.


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