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Homemade bottle feeding formula for baby goats

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Here's the magic formula to make if you can't milk the mother.
basic recipe
1 gallon of whole milk (your rich rich vitamin d whole whole milk)
1 can of whole milk evaporated milk
1/4 cup of buttermilk
*NOTE! Some folks use up to 1 Cup Buttermilk for this recipe. It does vary! Always do what works best for you!
"so you have your rich fats, you have all of the vitamins, and you're getting your rich probiotics all of these things in one lump sum"
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On my. That sweet little goat! Squeeeee.


Something I learned on the dog website is when you give a newborn animal a bottle, be sure there are no bubbles in the bottle and tip it nipple down and express a few drops of liquid out before you give it to the baby. The reason is any air inside the bottle can be forced down the baby's throat and cause it to be aspirated into the lungs, cause choking, pneumonia or even death. It's that first initial spurt of liquid that can cause the harm. 

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