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How to Build a Greenhouse from Cattle Panels

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1 hour ago, Midnightmom said:

@kappydell I had you in mind when I posted this. :P



10x28 Cattle Panel Greenhouse built by 1 man in 3 days! You can EASILY build this greenhouse by yourself! Come Build yours with ME! The EASIEST DIY Greenhouse on the Internet!




We've been using a hoophouse similar to this one for about four years, only we decided on PVC framework for the roof structure. He will find that the cattle panels will rip the plastic within one season from the wind rubbing the plastic on it. Also the black pipe insulation tubes (pool noodles) will also breakdown within one season from the sun's UV rays. If plastic wasn't so darn expensive, we would have considered this style.   ;)

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Plastic in AZ sun will break down in one summer. The only time I could use something like that would be in the winter.  Spring to autumn would need shade screen & a misting system.  If the winds don’t shred it.  

We have a local gardener who has a winter shelter for his garden.  He changes it out in February to shade screens.  



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I love this. But yes, it took more than one guy and I couldn't put that up by my self.  I have a small one and also one that is just to put over seedlings in garden to help get the seedlings going and then you roll it off.  I also have a small 6 ft. hot house. all plexi glass that opens from top to start seeds early. I will be using that to start the seedlings and transplanting them in the 5 gal. buckets for container gardens.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!  Many years ago I saw a pics of a farmer who used hog panels and plasticized feed bags (like tarps) to create waterproof shelters for his hogs and storage for his hay.  I had forgotten all about it until I saw this.  Yesssss!  Thank you!

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