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Food Processors - jump from home to commercial

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I've been using a Cuisinart 7-cup for 7 years and its finally dying. There have been occasions where I wish my bowl was a little bigger. And regularly liquid comes out from the center post if I fill it too high. Minor inconveniences. In the industry people swear by Robot Coupe but that's $1K plus. I'm fine making the leap in price if its worth it. I use my processor 90% for grinding things down - not slicing vegetables. The reason I'm posting this is that with my restaurant closing soon, its tempting to just buy another Cuisinart and leave it with the next owner. OR, I can buy a better machine and take it with me. I'm cheap, but I appreciate value in lasting equipment. Thoughts on the current crop of food processors?

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My Dh's cousin used to have a restaurant. He decided to close it to start up a farm market.  He didn't buy any equipment to replace anything because the new owners got rid and sold a lot of stuff.  Dh and I got to go in and take anything we wanted before it got sold. We got baking sheets, and a lot of other pans and stuff that we could use at that time. The cookie sheets I love because they are much bigger than the ones you buy in stores. You can also buy these at Sam's club. But there was no Sam's club back then. They fit wall to wall in my oven, but work great. I still use them to this day. He didn't have a grinder and I was so hoping he would as that would have had my name on it.  Though I did by one on e-bay from a baker that closed his bakery down. It looked like new and only one grinder was a bit worn and I replaced that one, though that one still works good. If his cousin decides to close the market one day. I have my eye on the automatic potato peeler. That thing is great. 


David by yourself a new one as you never know what the new owners will do. I wouldn't from what I see when a restaurant closes, they won't use much of the stuff that is there. They usually have different plans. 

And welcome to the forum.

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I have a Hamilton Beach 14 cup processor that is an older model.  Last year, I tried to buy a new one because the middle spindle on mine is cracked and it is difficult to get the slicing blade on, which is what I use most.  I discovered that the newer processors have a smaller opening to put food in to be sliced or shredded.  I returned 3 different ones and so far am struggling along with the old one.  I use mine quite a bit and am not sure what I will do when this one finally dies, but thinking I will get a professional one, maybe from a restaurant equipment store?  I am following this thread for ideas!  Thanks!

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I'm following this because I use an old Oster Kitchen Center that has all sorts of attachments including a grinder and food processor but It's already been repaired twice and it's going to need to be replaced at some point. I use it a lot and would consider one of the commercial ones to replace it.  


I like the looks of the Kenwood but I don't see a meat grinder with it??   

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