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What a waste, Annarchy.  840 magazines.   Wow.  I would have thought some of the bigger libraries, like state ones, might have wanted them.  70 years....:0327:

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12 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I do have Verizon. I just figured out how to make a grocery list to take shopping...with the help of my DIL. Sigh. Two weeks ago I found Candy Crush and Solitare. I've had it about six months or more.


But can you download songs into a computer to be transferred to a CD? 

You can play them on a computer but I don't believe you can make a CD.  Then again, my car and computer don't even have CD players, so it's a moot point for me.

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-7 here this morning with a wind chill temp of -31. :frozen:  Sun is shining brightly though so it should help warm the house some.  I will mostly likely sit in the sunshine later with a good book.  I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Eleven On Top.  I absolutely love her Stephanie Plum books.  We all need comic relief on cold days like this and these fill the bill for slap stick humor.  :grinning-smiley-044:

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We were hit with a rolling blackout out this morning with a temp. of -18.  It only lasted 45 minutes so there were no problems.  I have a cousin spending the winter in Southern Texas in a 5th wheel trailer.  She said they woke up to 32 this morning in their trailer.  Brrrr!  She said they go to Texas, from Iowa, for the warmth and yet she's never woken to a temp like that in her house in Iowa. :) 


Just a miserable weather time we're going through.  

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1 hour ago, Homesteader said:

A rolling blackout in IOWA????


Yes!  First I've ever experienced but sure enough, we had one this morning.  We still live in the same area as when you visited but 1/4 mile west. :runcirclsmiley2:

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I'm guessing that you guys supplied power to the South this week during their storms?  Most of the grid is tied together throughout the country. I'm not sure about CA though. I know that our local power plant does NOT provide us power. Strange but true.   :0327:


My mom even remembers your local town as she grew up in D.M.  :wave:

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8 minutes ago, Homesteader said:

I'm guessing that you guys supplied power to the South this week during their storms?


Well, aren't we Iowan's kind! :)   We saw on the news this morning that Texas is not a part of the power grid with the rest of the U.S.  They're all on their own.


Those of us out here, I don't know what size area, lost our juice but our little town had it the whole time, including the 2 big companies in town.  Since it was only 45 minutes it wasn't bad BUT I hope if they make it a longer one another time they have the companies close down for the duration and let we farm homes keep it.

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Well here in the panhandle of Texas where I am it is currently 2 degrees feels like -6 and snowing. You people north of me need to come get your weather. She is drunk and off her meds and making a mess in my yard. This is day 8 of snot freezing cold weather (anything below 40 is snot freezing cold). Last week we had freezing fog from Sunday to Thursday. The sun finally broke through and melted the ice off the power lines only for it to drop down to single digits and start snowing Saturday. We are experiencing rolling blackouts here. They are trying to reduce our power usage. I thought our CEO at the hosptial where I work was going to blow a gasket this morning. The power company was supposed to give the hospital warning before cutting our power. They didn't and the back up generator failed to kick in. The worse part was we had a patient on the table in the OR. Thank the Lord they had not started the proceedure. They was just about to intubator the patient when the power was cut. It was off an hour. Needless to say it was not pretty at the hospital this morning. The statement from the power is every 8 hours they would cut the power for 30 minutes. If our power is off longer than 60 minutes we are to call. However, at home we lost power twice within two hours.


 I will not give my opinion of this decision as I would like to keep my memebership here on Mrs. S. But I am sure you can fill in the blanks I am leaving.

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