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How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.............................by Eating "Synthetic" Beef!

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Bill Gates says 'all rich nations should move to 100% synthetic beef' to combat climate change

Bill Gates wants wealthier nations around the globe to ditch eating beef and instead switch to lab-grown or plant-based alternative "meats" in an effort to combat climate change.


The Microsoft cofounder sat down with MIT Technology Review to plug his new book, "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster," and provided his views on what possible solutions might be viable — or not.


One area where Gates has become more optimistic is in the idea of transitioning folks away from beef, since cows are notoriously viewed as damaging to the environment due to emissions from their flatulence.


On this topic, Gates told MIT, "In terms of livestock, it's very difficult. There are all the things where they feed them different food, like there's this one compound that gives you a 20% reduction [in methane emissions]. But sadly, those bacteria [in their digestive system that produce methane] are a necessary part of breaking down the grass. And so I don't know if there'll be some natural approach there. I'm afraid the synthetic [protein alternatives like plant-based burgers] will be required for at least the beef thing."


Gates went on to plug a number of firms he invests in that produce meat alternatives, such as Memphis Meats, Beyond Meat, and Impossible Foods, noting that "as for scale today, they don't represent 1% of the meat in the world, but they're on their way."


He added that he does not think that such options would be viable in the world's poorest countries where "we'll have to use animal genetics to dramatically raise the amount of beef per emissions for them."

Gates then declared:

I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they're going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.

The tech titan also complained about pushback in Congress over wanting to label the faux meat products as "beef," however, he acknowledge that his idea may not catch on right away. Gates told MIT, "Now I've said I can actually see a path. But you're right that saying to people, 'You can't have cows anymore'—talk about a politically unpopular approach to things."


Gates, one of the richest men on the globe, has become increasingly involved in areas of agriculture in recent years. Last month, The Land Report discovered that he is now the largest private farmland owner in the United States.

https://www.theblaze.com/news/ready-bill-gates-says-all-rich-nations-should-move-to-100-synthetic-beef-to-combat-climate-change?utm_source=theblaze-breaking&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210216TrendingPM-AutoTrend&utm_term=ACTIVE LIST - TheBlaze Breaking News


Keep your grubby mitts off of my burgers, Bill!!!  :tapfoot:



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Psh.  Pretty certain the problem is that we don't have sustainable farming practices for enough of the beef we eat.  If we were all eating grass-fed pastured cows and used the manure for fertilizer, you wouldn't have the excess amounts of methane build-up you get from a feedlot.

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Alternative solution




A Different Kind of Land Management: Let the Cows Stomp
Regenerative grazing can store more carbon in soils in the form of roots and other plant tissues. But how much can it really help the fight against climate change?


Mr. Isaacs, a fourth-generation rancher on this rolling land in the northeast corner of the Texas Panhandle, will put his animals to work on the pasture, using portable electrified fencing to confine them to a small area so that they can’t help but trample some of the weeds as they graze.


“We let cattle stomp a lot of the stuff down,” he said. That adds organic matter to the soil and exposes it to oxygen, which will help grasses and other more desirable plants take over. Eventually, through continued careful management of grazing, the pasture will be healthy again.


“These cows are my land management tool,” Mr. Isaacs said. “It’s a lot easier to work with nature than against it.”






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Some people use Joel Salatin's grazing here.  Getting the critters to stay on top of the weeds is one of the traditional practices in wiregrass/pineywoods grazing.

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We have people here who use Salatin's model as well. Unfortunately the man we've gotten our pasture raised poultry from for years has stopped producing so he could go to work at a convenience store to make more money with less hours of work.   Something is wrong with this picture.....   :scratchhead:


In reading that first article I wondered if Bill Gates is vegetarian or vegan and it's his personal feelings dictating what he says.  I've also wondered more than once over the last few decades or more if there isn't more going on with the earth than the PTB are telling us because they believe we aren't capable of working to save the earth and....  "that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand."  That statement bothers me more than anything else he is quoted as saying.  It shows his (and others) feeling of superiority to the common man.   That is truly chilling.  


Has there been any 'studies' done that compares the 'emissions' of the methane produced by our farm animals to the destructive emissions put out by the tractors used in modern practices.  Or to the factory 'emissions' emitted for the manufacture of plastics and all the other products we use daily. Or even in the production of solar or wind components we are supposed to be using more of to save the earth.  Or is it save the oil?  Or the 'emissions' given off by the hundreds of thousands of vehicles we use in our modern lives.  OR whatever emissions we overpopulated humans give off?  They of course don't want to tackle that can of worms or people would revolt more than if they took our beef away from us.  (Is the pandemic whittling us down some?) 


What The CG said is true though.  Sustainable farming practices would go a long way to fixing that part of the problem.  But there is so much more we could be doing.  Little things that if everyone did only a few of them it would add up. Perhaps if we took personal responsibility for our actions we wouldn't be inviting the PTB into acting for us. 


Here's a thought.....Just the act of buying with the Earth's welfare in mind (as opposed to being forced to do it) would change things.  'Follow the money' is a popular saying.  Have you ever thought to consider where that money comes from?  It comes from us. Even if it's handed to us by the government we still have the power of spending it where we choose.  We don't have to fund the PTB if we don't want to.  Think about it!     

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